30 April 2010

My tin arrived from Liz, Yeah!

Coming all the way from the Netherlands, I know sometimes takes a very long time.  Since I have another stitching friend there more than once I had thought my package had gotten lost.  Liz sent me a beautiful tin with pearl pins, a (much needed ) thimble, and a cute tiny little fuzzy chick which made me laugh.  She also included some stitching on her card. I love it!  Since I need to get ready for work so I don't have time to add a photo now but Liz made my tin using the prettiest finishing fabric.  I love that the pattern she used has some black work in it and it is done in a lovely shade of green.  Her tin is a little bigger than the one we get here and her creative finishing has already given me some new ideas to try. Thanks a bunch Liz.  Photo added today.


  1. Hello mare

    I hope you will show us a picture


  2. Hi Mare,
    just coming back from the celebrationfestivities of our queen, my friend called me to tell to check the TTE site. Since I also was afraid the tin was lost in the mail, I am ever so happy it arrived safely. I am glad you like it and hope you will use it a lot.

    Hugs from Liz