24 December 2011

to all my dear cross stitcher ladies

18 December 2011

new poll

Hi ladies,Christmas is near and it is nearly time to choose a subject for the next exchange.
So a new poll is due to decide.
What would you like to stitch?
write,write ,write and I will prepare the poll

03 December 2011

pic of ornie

Here is the gift that Amanda sent me, that took so long.
The cat and mouse are so sweet .
Beautifull finish and I have it hanging where I can see it everyday.
Thank you again....vivian

02 December 2011


Hi ladies,our first exchange is nerly ate end.
Only was was lost by post office but a second one was remailed and I hope it will arrive soon to her new owner.
I think now it is late to organize a new one,also because it is nearly christmas time and we are all a bit busy at making presents.
What do you think about making a new one the next year?
perhaps we can start to decide what to do on january or ending january.
Let me know and still sorry for my poor english

01 December 2011


Hi Miche'le,

I forgot to post to say ornie number 2 is now in the post and winging it's way to you.  Hopefully it will arrive before Christmas but probably not!  I'm really sorry the other one didn't arrive.  I was wondering whether you could contact the customs office where you are to see if they have it for some reason.  I doubt it, but you never know.!