19 April 2012


Hi ladies,
the scissor fob exchange is finished and all of us have received hers

Do you want have a new exchange?

15 April 2012

13 April 2012


your scissor fob is arrived and it is fantastic
two marvellous cat cross stitched 1x1
I have no words to thank you
I am not a good photographer but I will try to put it soon if you have not a better one

thanks again

09 April 2012


come and see what you won!!!  I hope you like it! :)

06 April 2012

Guess it would help if I ACTUALLY attached the photos.....LOL

As promised...

Here's the lovely Scissor Fob and Pincushion that Sharon made for me.   She also sent a beautiful card and pair of traveling/folding scissors.

Thank you once again Sharon!

05 April 2012

Fob received

Sharon......You can relax now.....received my BEAUTIFUL fob and pincushion today.   Haven't had a chance yet to take pic (will try to do so tomorrow).  You couldn't have picked a more perfect subject or color to stitch on mine if you had tried!   Butterflies and yellow!   Both my FAVS!!!!  And your stitching is Gorgeous!   Thank you!!!!!


hi ladies,2 of us still waiting for her fob.
I hope mine is not at the customs again

let me know about news