24 November 2011

hi ladies

good morning everyones
still 2 ornaments to reach their new homes

is it right?
any news for the moment?

16 November 2011


I just wanted to let you know that I am in the middle of stitching you another ornie and get it in the post as soon as I can.  Would you email me your address again please, just so I can check I have it right.  Or Amanda, perhaps you could resend the info if you still have it please? My email is sharonjstevens @ msn dot com

thanks, Sharon x

13 November 2011


hi ladies,
is there any other news?
Vivian?Do you think I have to start to cross stitching a new ornament?

09 November 2011


My friends take the package for me at the post office.
Post man wrote the wrong name,the wrong date...on the advice
and then I discovery it was stopped by the customs!!!!!

In the next exchange perhaps it is better written on the envelope it is a gift with no value.Mine was stopped nearly 2 weeks at customs

I will put a photo as soon as possible
It is fantastic

08 November 2011

perhaps it is arrived,fingers cross

Coming back from my job I found an advice in the post box....I hope it will be the ornament.
Tomorrow evening I will try to go to post office to take it
If it will be closed when I arrive at home I will go on thusday morning

fingers cross for me

and how about you ladies?
any news till now?

07 November 2011

Just Too Long

I think it has taken just too long now for my ornament to reach its destination, maybe it's got lost, maybe it's been 'acquired'.  Either way I think I might start a new one this afternoon and just hope that while I'm sewing the other one will turn up somewhere.

06 November 2011

Hello Ladies....

Just a note to let you all know I am still around. It was a very LONG summer again for me and sure not going to complain about the weather we had here in northern Mn that's for sure! Seems every time I was cruising along good some family thing popped up tho and kept me from things I really wanted to do. (I think we can all relate?)
I see a few are still doing the exchanges and I missed the Christmas Ornie one...poor me! Such FUN to get a package "just for you" in the mail isn't it?

I do hope to become more actively involved again...hopefully in the next exchange that will be coming up!
Hope everyone will have a great holiday season now that winter is on the way.
Take care....Lynn S. in MN.