30 November 2009

Humbug Received

I received a lovely package from Monique today. In it was 2 humbugs -- a small one and a large one. Plus other goodies!

Thank you, Monique!

29 November 2009

Needlebook Received~

I have received my needlebook from Patti this weekend!! Isn’t this lovely? She also included a scissors fob which is made by her husband!!!! Amazing, right? Thank you soooo much, Patti!!!!


26 November 2009

Hi Nita

I have not received my needle book yet but in the sidebar it is showing me twice - once as receiving and once as not. It definitely hasn't arrived as yet!!

Would you correct that for me and perhaps check with my partner when she sent it to let her know it hasn't got here.......although actually I suppose she will know once she reads this...lol. I'm really hoping it isn't lost in the post somewhere.

Sharon (shebafudge)

Humbug on it's way..

My humbug that I have stitched is on its way to its new owner. He was almost to cute to part with – I hope she like it as much as I enjoyed stitching it. ~o~ Ronel ~o~

It's here..

My humbug arrived yesterday from Mary Jo. Thanks Mary Jo it is gorgeous also a big thanks for the goodies you have sent with, you are very kind.

And of course Mrs Paisley could not resist to come and see what have arrived.. and it so cute and will be so nice to play with..

Hugs Ronel
Cape Town, South Africa

24 November 2009

A very quick note to say my humbug is mailed to it's new owner - hope she likes it! It has quite a distance to go, so I'm keeping my toes crossed that it makes it quickly and safely.

From Singapore!!!

I received my exchange from Cindy. The picture doesn't make it justice ( my camera is not working so I took it with my phone).
The needlebook is so well made, it has no flaws at all. Cindy your finishing is impeccable. I absolutely love my gift!!!

Thanks a lot for the goodies too


23 November 2009

Humbug Rec'd from Meari & I love it!

I just want to let everyone know that I was the lucky person to find Meari's pretty package in my mail box. I love it and it is tiny and cute. Meari included some pretty autumn colored fabric and floss. Thank you for such a pretty package and being a great exchange partner, love it! So now instead of "Bah humbug.... I can say Ahh a humbug"

My humbug came out a little bigger & is on it way to distant shores. I really found it hard deciding on what pattern to use given the shape of the thing. I stitched mine on 32 count and did a two sided design which was 30x35 so the whole thing was about 30 by 70.


22 November 2009

Humbug Posted

Just to let my partner know, my Humbug was sent on 21 Nov and I hope she likes it :)

20 November 2009

I made a Picture

this is the exchange from shebafudge/Sharon,
a lovely needlebook with needles.

Best from Sabine/stickhummel

Arrived safely

I received a wonderful needlebook from Nicole. It is perfect for me and I love the design. Thank you Nicole
Count Your Blessings
Lizzie Kate Freebie

19 November 2009

My little humbug....

...is finally finished and packed and it will go in the mail tomorrow...oh yeah I really love it, it´s christmassy and my own design;-))

Happy stitching,

Humbug Posted

Just letting you know my Humbug has been posted off - right around the other side of the world! Happy travels and hope my partner likes her swap!!

18 November 2009

Humbug Exchange Mailed

One lucky recipient will receive this real soon!

Recieved my needlebook.

Hello Nita.

Just want to let you know that i have recieved the needlebook.
Sorry that it took some time to post on the site but i had some trubble getting on the site.
Well i soon will post a photo.

greetings Monique

Humbug on the post

Hello All

Just want to let you know that i have send out my humbug i hope it will get there soon.

Greetings Monique

17 November 2009

Humbug Mailed

My humbug went into the mail today. I hope my partner likes it!


Thank you Sharon/shebafudge for the lovely needlebook.
It is the first bigest I have,picture I will make and show all.

Best from Germany Sabine /stickhummel

13 November 2009

Sent / Received

I have received my Needlebook from Teresa and I sent hers to her!
It was a great exchange and as soon as I find my camera I will post a piture!

12 November 2009

Needlebook received from Lynne

Hi Lynne,

Thank you so much for your nice needlebook. I am very happy with your hard work and it will certainly be used to stock my needles. You did a fine job stitching and finishing your work of art.

Perhaps we will meet again in another exchange. Thank you again,

Hugs from Liz


Hi Jenna,

Finally it's arrived. I'm so glad that you like the needlebook, that's my reward. I stitched it with a lots of love. The patterns are freebies from EMS. I especially like her babyanimals. I want to stitch them all and bind them together in a book.
Hope to mee you again in another exchange,

Hugs from Liz

11 November 2009

Humbug Picture

As promised, here is a picture of the humbug I received from Lynne. I just love the colors she used - orange, coral, pink and her stitching and finishing is wonderful. She also sent along the skien of satin floss and green beads which will certainly be used. Thank you Lynne for a wonderful exchange.

My Humbug arrived

Thank you Anita for the lovely little Humbug and Pincushion. I have always loved Dutch motifs and colors, so it's perfect. Mary Jo

Needlebook from Aury

Hi Aury,

Thank you so much for the beautiful needlebook. I haven't taken a picture of it yet, as I have been dealing with sinus and ear infections, but wanted to let you know it arrived and that I love it.

Thank you so much

Humbug exchange

I want to lett you all see
The 5 little humbugs that Liz(lizrieka)
made for my
They are so nice

greetings anita

Needle Book From Fiona

I have received my needle book from Fiona. She stitched a design from Victoria Sampler and used a pretty pink paisley print to finish it. It is my first design by Victoria Sampler and it is beautiful. She also sent me a special gift, a patchwork ornament, some buttons which I can never have enough of and a bookmark of the beach where she lives.

Fiona, I love the exchange, thanks so much for stitching the needle book and darling ornament for me.

Needlebook Received~

I have received my needlebook from Sharon (SGVChicago)!!!!! It is stitched with beautiful fall colors!!!! Her work is simply amazing~~ Thank you, Sharon!!


10 November 2009

needlebook on it's way

I posted my needlebook yesterday. Hope it will arrive safely.


I received beautiful needlebook and lots of goodies from Lynn today. Thank you thank you thank you. It's gorgeous. I love it

Humbug exchange

Hello everybody
I want to lett you know that i recieved
my humbug today
The one that made it for my is my best friend liz (lizrieka)
She made 5 little humbugs with on each one a letter
of my name Anita
The humbugs are very very nice
So thank you so mutch Liz
Liz will put a picture on tte blog so
that you all can see my humbugs

greetings Anita

Hallo lieve Schat
Ik wil je even via deze manier hartelijk bedanken voor
de schitterende humbugs
En dat wat er op staat klopt
Vriendinnetjes voor altijd
en ik weet ik mag dit niet te vaak zeggen

Dikke Kus Anita

Needlebook from Bonnie

I want to show you all what a lovely needlebook I recieved from Bonie. It's a big treasure for me!


I have received my needle book and it is just lovely.....unfortunately, camera is at the office so I will post a picture on another day.....It has a wonderful fall squire and it beautifully finished! I have major cord envy....I am just not good at it.

09 November 2009

On its way.

O.K. it is in the mail. whoooo hoooo

Humbug Received from Lynne

Lynne - just a quick post to let you know my humbug arrived today. I love the extra goodies and the humbug is just gorgeous. I will take a picture and post again once I have a little more time.

Needlebook Exchange

The first thing I have to do on this posting is thank my partner for the needlecase she sent me as well as the extra Aida fabric and ribbon and floss in order that I can make a matching scissor keep. So thank you DreaDear (aka Andrea) (all images are click-able to make them larger)

This is the brown and pink needlebook which
are my favorite colors together

This is the inside of the needlebook

and these are the extra's the Andrea so kindly send me

I will be putting these photos on my blog this week so please don't worry. I just have a giveaway on my blog at the moment and already posted on there today but they will appear.

Secondly, I have to apologize to my partner for not mailing her exchange yet. It has been ready for weeks but we have had Postal strikes here in the U.K. which have just finished and it will be in the mail to you tomorrow. My DH was meant to do it today but both my daughters are unwell and all he has been doing is ferrying them to the doctors - they live at different places. One lives with us and the other in her own home. So please be assured it will be coming to you - I was just really worried about mailing it earlier because one of my exchanges was lost in the post (mail - whatever).

Lots of Love

Patti the displaced Yank xxx

Humbug Exchange

Just wanted to give a heads-up. I've got my Humbug finished and it will go out in the mail shortly. I hope my partner likes it.


My humbug is on it's way today.


08 November 2009

A Little Late, But on the way!

My needlebook is packaged and ready to be put in the mail tomorrow. I had a lot going on recently but, am excited that it is finally on its long journey across the seas.


Hello everyone.

I'm sorry for delay. Wasn't ok. Needlebook is ready and will be sent tomorrrow morning.

07 November 2009

Needlebook received from April!

I received my Needlebook Exchange from April. She stitched me this cute pumpkin man from Mill Hill. His gloves and shoes are beads, and the pumpkin is half beads, half stitches. The picture doesn't do it justice!

And here is the adorable backing fabric she used.
Thank you so much, April!

Needlebook from Bonnie

Just a short message that I recieved a gorgeuos needlebook from Bonnie this morning. I'll take photos later and show you all my traesures!

Thank you, Bonnie!

06 November 2009

Hello everybody

I recieved my needlebook today
Audroné made it for my
it is very very very nice
I like it a lot
So thank you so mutch Audroné
And thank you for the goodies
And I want to show it to you all

greetings anita

05 November 2009

HumbIug exchange

Hello here I am again,

while trying to post a comment, I finally know how to post correctly. My humbug is also on it's way to it's ne owner. it has to make a long trip so I hope it will arrive in the coming week.

Hugs from Liz


hi everybody,

something has gone wrong with posting my message last monday. But my needlebook is on it's way. it,s making a long trip so the receiver has to wait a little while. keep patient and your will get a little present.
hugs from Liz

03 November 2009

Needlebook received from Jean

Thank you so much Jean, I have received your beautiful package that you have sent to me.

Here is a picture to show:

Jean sent me some extras too, and I really happy to receive them.

More pictures are available in my blog.


Humbug on the way

I just came from the post office where I mailed my Humbug exchange. It has a very long way to go. Hope you like it! Mary Jo

Needlebook is on its way

I mailed it yesterday. I hope it will reach its new home by the weekend !

On its way!

Hello Ladies,

The needle book I have stitched is on its way.

Have a happy day!
Regards Ronel

02 November 2009

It's on it's way!!

I posted my needlebook this afternoon on my way home.... Hopefully it will travel quickly!


Needlebook Received

I have received a lovely needle book from Jenna in the USA - it is beautifully stitched and most appreciated! Thanks Jenna!

Cutting it fine

I'm just back from the post office after sending my needlebook and humbug on their journeys :D Hope my partners like them.


Needlebook sent

My needlebook is on its way.


Needlebook on the way.

I mailed my needlebook today. It doesn't have far to go!

01 November 2009

Needlebook Sent

I mailed off my needlebook today. It should take around 7-14 days to reach.

Hope my partner likes what I have stitched for her. (^_^)