28 September 2009

Really a great surprise coming back from work.I found a fat envelope full of goodies and a marvellous needlebook.As soon as I can take a photo I will show them to you.Thanks for all Anita,I love them all.
And here there are what I got as I promised you

23 September 2009

Needle Book Exchange Emails

have all been sent on their merry way! Check your inboxes and make sure you received the Needle Book Exchange notice from me.

Happy Stitching!

22 September 2009

Finishing Links

Take a look at the bottom of the page. Go ahead - I'll wait.
I've begun listing links to various finishing techniques.

If you have a link to a great finishing tutorial - please share it with all of us. You could also email it to me, and I'll add it to the list.

I'll start emailing partner info for the Needle Book Exchange tomorrow - so double check the lists on the left and make sure your name is there if you signed up for the Needle Book Exchange.


20 September 2009

Changing the name in your signature

For Gaby and anyone else wanting to change the name in their signature.

I did a little investigating, and here is what I found:

Only you can change the name in your signature.

Sign in to Blogger
Go to My Account
Under my Products, click Settings
This brings up Edit User Profile
Under Identity, click in the box next to display name
Type in your desired name (what you want to show up as your signature)
At the bottom, click Save Profile

You are done!

If anyone has an address for Sharon M, would you please email it to me? I would like to try to contact her, and I don't have an address.


...good to see Tiny Treasures is still alive;-)) But I am still worried about Sharon, I really hope nothing serious happened...

Well, I don´t love to make needlebooks, but I will join the humbug exchange later;-))

And my real name is Gaby, so perhaps someone could change that in the sidebar??
Einschies stitching blog = Gaby

Thanks and have fun stitching today;-))

19 September 2009

The Votes are In!

You may have noticed the poll is closed and all the votes are in.

Uh-oh! We had a tie for sixth place!

Needleminder 9 (24%)
Humbug 9 (24%)
Flat Fold 9 (24%)

What to do, what to do?

Well, dear friends, here's what I decided to do: I squoze in one more exchange for 2009! And then I went ahead and added the last exchange to 2010. That means we have the next eight exchanges planned! Hip-hip-Hurray!

So with no further ado - here's the schedule for the rest of 2009 and for all of 2010:

You can always find the schedule under the Exchange Guidelines and New Member Info link in the upper right corner.

BTW, there are still a few more days to sign up for the Needle Book Exchange.

Happy Planning and Stitching!

04 September 2009

The Needle Book Has It!

Sign-ups are now open for our next exchange – a Needle Book. We have so many talented people in this group – I can’t wait to see what everyone stitches for this exchange. You will be able to sign-up through 22 September 2009, and your partner’s info will be emailed to you by 1 October 2009. Deadline to mail out is 2 November 2009.
Please take a moment to review the exchange guidelines (link at top right of the sidebar). Remember that we are an international group, and make your plans accordingly.

To Sign up for the Needle Book Exchange, please e-mail me by 22 September 2009 with Needle Book in the subject line, and include your Name and Address (I have most, but not all of your addresses).

Take a look at the poll over to the right. You may vote for multiple items {please only vote for six (6) items}. If you choose something else, make a post about what you would like to stitch and why – we’ll include it in a future poll!

02 September 2009

Proposed Exchange Schedule

I was thinking (always a dangerous pastime- lol!) that we might benefit if we had regularly scheduled exchanges, announced in advance, and posted for all to see. So I devised this little schedule. It provides for six exchanges a year, a two-week period to sign up, a month to stitch, finish and mail, and three weeks before the next exchange sign up ends.

I also thought that, after we get the next exchange underway (you did remember to vote here (sorry, I cannot seem to make the link work!), right?), I would post a poll over on the right and let everyone vote for the items they would like to stitch in the coming year.

As always, you would only sign up for the exchanges you want to, but hopefully, having a posted schedule would let youand let you sign up for the things you really want to do.

Here’s a list of some ideas, with links to pictures for most (thank-you The World’s Largest Collection of Smalls and TWLCOS Too!)

Fall Theme
Flat Fold
Floss Ring Tag * TTE
Post card (this example is not cross stitch, but fun!)
Scissor Fob * TTE
Scissor Pocket
Spring Theme
Stitcher's Pocket
Summer Theme
Thimble Pocket or Pouch
Valentine Theme (Stitcher's Choice)
What Not Basket
Winter Theme

So, What do you think? Would you like to have a schedule - or would you prefer to wing it? I’d love to hear if you have some other ideas of items to stitch – and if you would also include a link to an example, that would be fantastic!

BTW, the pics of stitched items are all examples of my work, from exchanges I participated in elsewhere (just in case you were wondering !)

01 September 2009

News from my partner

Hello girls, I have to say that I had news from partner in the floss tag exchange. She sent me a letter telling me that she had have troubles but she was making my floss tag to send it to me as soon as posible, so now I am happy. Hugs, Estrella