26 August 2010

Pinkeep and Pumpkin Theme Exchange

I'm matching up your partners for these exchanges, and I'll be sending an email with all the info to the participants by Saturday, 28 Aug.

I can't wait to see all of your beautiful creations!

23 August 2010

I'm disapointed


I'm reading on the list that you received the exchange but actually I don't know for sure if this is true since I don't see a post saying it or received an email confirming that. I sent three times and stitched twice this exchange and up today I don't have any confirmation of the reception of any of the envelopes.

I'm sorry if this sounds rude but the fact of not receiving a simple "I got it" note is discouraging .

I hope that you have it in your hands. Please let me know


22 August 2010

Yes, It Is Two for the Price of One!

We have two exchanges going on at the same time, you may join either or both.
To join the Pumpkin Theme Exchange, click the pumpkin to your left, and leave a comment on that post. 
To join the Pinkeep Exchange, click the pinkeep to your right and leave a comment on that post.

If we've put you in the wrong column - leave us a comment here and we'll fix it!

Pumpkin Theme Exchange Sign Up (additional exchange)

Yes we will be running 2 exchange signups at the same time!  Sign-ups are open now, and will be closed 22 August 2010.  For this exchange only: post a comment here if you want to participate.  Yes you can join both if you like, as long as you can meet your obligations in both.  

You choose the type of finish, we only ask that your stitched piece include a pumpkin in the design.  All the standard rules apply, no aida, your item must be finished, and extras are not necessary.  Let your stitched piece be the treat that your partner gets, tricks will only bring you trouble.  When you leave your comment, please state whether you are ok with a Halloween themed pumpkin design, a fall design, or either.  Some people do not celebrate this holiday and would prefer a fall/ Autumn design.  This way when partners are assigned everyone will be happy and have fun.

The mailing date is October 15th.  If you are making something with a Halloween theme you should try to mail a little earlier so your partner gets the item in time for Halloween.  Your pumpkin theme item need not be a pin keep but it could be.  Make sure you send something that you would enjoy having someone send to you. 

Pinkeep Exchange - Sign Up Now

Hi Everyone.  My deepest apologies for falling out touch so abruptly - my personal life got very ... distracting.

The next exchange is for a Pinkeep - I haven't made one of these, so I don't have a picture to share.  You can see some gorgeous ones here or there.

Sign-ups are open now, and will be closed 22 August 2010.  For this exchange only: post a comment here if you want to participate. (When I just checked my email, I have over 1000 unread messages - I don't want you to get lost as I deal with that!).

Final mail-out date will be 1 October 2010.

Remember - for the Pinkeep Exchange Only - Comment on this post if you would like to participate.  Please do not email me.

I will not be participating in this exchange - I'm going to be working to get the send and receive lists up to date, and trying to make sure that all items from the past two exchanges were received.
PS - we'll try to do a mail art exchange after the first of the year - OK?

15 August 2010


I didn´t hear back from Amanda and I am away from home until the end of August...we are travelling to Austria for two weeks...yeah

Nita could you change the blog background if you have some free time??? There is a photobucket button in the middle which tells something about a deleted background....

CU in September;-))


14 August 2010

Side bar updated for the Pin Cushion Exchange

Lynn S are you the same Lynn who received from Iza?  Please let me know so I can make note that you sent your exchange cushion.  I know there are a few 'Lynn"s here so I want to sure I've got the right one updated.


April did you receive your Pin Cushion?

Please let us know.  We would like to get some closure on any outstanding exchange business?


pincushion arrived

Hi everyone,I got my pincushion and it is fantastic.Sorry if I write only now but I just come back from 2 weeks holidays on mountain.
As soon as I can I will put a photo
thanks again it is fantastic


Any news about the pincushion yet? This is the third delivery and the second pincushion that I made, I was trying to track the package on your country but I can't find where you can do it

I hope that you have it in your hands. Please let me know


10 August 2010


...Haven´t you received my second pincushion yet??? I am getting nervous...

Hi Ladies,

Jenna mailed me today that she has received the pincushion I have stitched for her in the pincushion exchange. Jenna cant post on this blog so here is a pic of what I stitched for her.

Regards Ronel.

08 August 2010

Altoid Tin Exchange, attn Amanda

Amanda and I were the only ones with outstanding issues on this exchange.  I received my lovely tin so I am set Amanda  did you get your exchange tin?  Please let us know.  Thanks Mare

Scissor Pocket or Case Exchange Attn Iza and Gillie

Hi Ladies,

Since I am interested in starting up a new exchange here I thought I'd lend a hand to make sure the exchanges outstanding are all wrapped up.  I hope you all don't mind?

Can you share with us if Iza /5horizons or Gillie received her scissor case / keeper?  Thanks, Mare

5horizons - sent 26 Jan
Gillie - sent 5 Feb

07 August 2010

All is quiet and hot hot hot here, Any ideas on the next exchange?

Hi there ladies,

Anyone interested in doing something for fall?  How about doing a pumpkin themed exchange? You can pick the kind of finish you like doing but the design needs to have at least one pumpkin.  I have come to realize I like stitching designs with pumpkins.  And I have a bunch of fall designs with pumpkins, hint.  But maybe something with apples or leaves?  Maybe we could do a poll to see which theme most people are interested in exchanging.   Just throwing some ideas out there.    Also since I have my hot hands on the new JS magazine I have ornaments exchanges in mind too.

It might be nice if those you had things outstanding on the previous exchange post an update to making it easier to wrap things up with it.

Just my 2 cents...