23 April 2010

Beautiful Scissor Keeper

I just have to share the most beautiful gift I have just received. I particpated in the scissor keeper exchange and had not received my parcel. When Nita realised, she organised an absolute "Angel" to stitch for me and wow - was it worth waiting for!! When I returned home from being overseas for a month, there was an interesting parcel for me! Thankyou so very much Liz from the Netherlands for the time and effort you have put in to such a very beautiful gift. I will treasure it always! Thankyou! And thankyou Nita for organising this - it was most unexpected though very much appreciated and treasured!

The front of the scissor keeper has tiny red buttons down it and the stitching, as you can see, is absolutely exquisite over the tiniest linen - it is divine! And I absolutely love it!


  1. This is absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi Fiona,
    I am so glad it arrived safely. Did you have a nice time overseas? it was fun to stitch for you and I'm glad you like the result.
    maybe we'll "meet" again in another exchange.

    Hugs from Liz

  3. Very pretty spring package from Li. It looks like she did both pieces over in great colors. Nice job and well worth the wait!

  4. Oh Liz - sorry I didn't realise "Lizrieka" was you!! Thankyou so much - it is absolutely gorgeous! I love it! Thank you. Can you send me your email address? I have written a card and sent it but that will take a while to get to you. Thank you again my "angel"!!

  5. That´s a masterpiece...really lovely...