31 August 2011

happy starting stitching

Hi everyone
are you still cross stitching?
Have you already put your first cross?
I have done and hope it will be ok for my partner

How about put a photo of the ornament before sending it?
we can put it but not the name
I think it is a good way to be sure it was done and it will be mailed

and then it is also the best way to satisfay a curious person like me...
let me know about it
have a nice day

30 August 2011

mailed out

I mailed you the name and the address.Please let me know if you all received it.
The latest day to mail out your ornament is september 30th.
If you have any problems or questions please feel free to mail me and ask.
Hope this exchange will push through and we will have a lot of fun

I think the only bad think is my terrible english but I will try to be correct and you'll be able to understand me

29 August 2011


4 of 6 name will receive the name of the lucky girl that will receive soon a marvellous ornament.
Unfortunately I have not all your mail so please Melissa-honeybee and Shebafudge mail me it just to let you know

As I wrote to most of you I will need also the address to mail the ornament too since I haven't them

good work to everyones and don't be afraid to contact me for every problems or questions

if you have some preference about it like some special designer or subjects please let it know here

for example I love cat,every type of cat

Ornaments Exchange

Has the exchange information been sent yet?   If so,  I didn't receive mine.   If not, no hurry, just didn't want to miss getting the information.


25 August 2011

time is ending,anyone else???????
this evening I will do the choose of your partner

21 August 2011

christmas ornament

Nearly finished the time to sign in for this exchange.
There were 8 of you choosing it but we are only 4.
Anyone else would like to be in?

16 August 2011

Sign me up....

....for the Christmas Exchange....

Seems I can only start new threads. Can't reply to any existing threads on this blog. Strange....


13 August 2011

a new exchange

well time is ending and the winner is...christmas ornament.
I prepare everything and as soon as you will decide we will start

12 August 2011

Hope this goes thru...

I've been trying to post on this blog for almost a month now and nothing seems to be going thru....Hope it does this time.

I am still very much interested in staying involved with this group. When the poll was up, I was able to place my vote (which was for a Christmas Orny).

time is ending

Well,it is nearly time to have a look at the poll and decide what to do.
Till now I have only a few names telling me they would like to partecipate.
I'd like to do a list of name just to know if we are really 15 or not.
And I'd like to know also if you prefer going on here or create a new blog.
you cancontact me also by mail if you have problems

Waiting for last news
have a nice days

05 August 2011

sorry for the silence but it was impossible for me keep in touch using the web

I had some problems with adsl
I correct the list but it is still strange for me having 12 votes and only a few of you writing for exanges

still I'd like to know if you want going on on this blog or if you prefer create a new one

have a nice day