06 November 2012

hi ladies everything fine over the sea? how about ladies in usa and sandy? is there someone just ready for a little exchange? a little thing to put under the tree or just reading reading the night before I was thinking about a xmas card to stitch and write wishes inside waiting for your post

26 August 2012

holidays finished

Hi ladies, August is nearly finished and my holidays too. I just come back to work since last week.And how about you? everything fine?

17 May 2012

hi ladies

...everything fine over there? are you still stitching for your big projects? are there someone waiting for new exchange or do you prefer I organize the last idea I told you weeks ago?

19 April 2012


Hi ladies,
the scissor fob exchange is finished and all of us have received hers

Do you want have a new exchange?

15 April 2012

13 April 2012


your scissor fob is arrived and it is fantastic
two marvellous cat cross stitched 1x1
I have no words to thank you
I am not a good photographer but I will try to put it soon if you have not a better one

thanks again

09 April 2012


come and see what you won!!!  I hope you like it! :)

06 April 2012

Guess it would help if I ACTUALLY attached the photos.....LOL

As promised...

Here's the lovely Scissor Fob and Pincushion that Sharon made for me.   She also sent a beautiful card and pair of traveling/folding scissors.

Thank you once again Sharon!

05 April 2012

Fob received

Sharon......You can relax now.....received my BEAUTIFUL fob and pincushion today.   Haven't had a chance yet to take pic (will try to do so tomorrow).  You couldn't have picked a more perfect subject or color to stitch on mine if you had tried!   Butterflies and yellow!   Both my FAVS!!!!  And your stitching is Gorgeous!   Thank you!!!!!


hi ladies,2 of us still waiting for her fob.
I hope mine is not at the customs again

let me know about news

24 March 2012

The Mail Lady called

I just love getting parcels and packages especially from overseas so you can imagine just how happy I was when the postie called and there was a nice little package from Amanda
thank you so much Amanda the little koala is very cute
have a great weekend

Parcel from Holland! (edited to add photos)

I have received a gorgeous parcel from Holland today and have been very spoilt with a scissor fob AND a tape measure with a beautifully hand stitched cover.  It's all stitched over one and is gorgeous - far better than I could ever do!  Thank you so so much Liz for such a beautiful exchange piece or pieces I should say.  I haven't even mentioned the pretty card that came with it.  It's a stitched piece but actually stitched on the card - lovely.  Thanks again!!

all mailed

ok ladies,
all of us mailed her scissor fob to the new owner.
One of us already got it

It is not important if someone mailed a bit in late if we know the reason
do not be worry,it has to be a pleasure not a competition

and so ...all my compliments to you ladies since it is a nice little group

hope to be clear and all of you understand me
have a marvellous day

23 March 2012

it's gone!!!

My scissor fob was in the post yesterday.  I thought I had posted this already but found it lurking in draft form!

I'm sorry I'm late with it but I had a bit of a disaster which is explained in the card accompanying the fob.  Hopefully it won't take too long to reach it's new home!  I won't post a piccy as I think the recipient will probably guess it's for them!
Mine was mailed today.  Sorry for the delay and thank you for your understanding.  Post office said it should reach it's destination within 6-10 biz days.

22 March 2012

I am the lucky one!

This morning, still walking around in my PJ, the postman handed me a package. Thank you so much Miche'le. Every time I opened the TTE you treasures kept my attention and now they are mine! Lucky me. I have a basket with all kind of treasures in past exchanges and these ones get a special place in my collection.

Hugs from Liz

17 March 2012

mine is out

this morning I go to post office to mail my scissor fob
hope it will arrive in a couple of week
I do not put the photo since it will be too clear

10 March 2012

nearly time to finish

hi ladies,
the final day to send is near.
Has anyone else mailed her scissor fob?

15 February 2012

Now I wonder...

... where these little treasures are going to - near or far?
 Actually I'm getting my scissor fob off in the mail early as I have a busy few weeks ahead of me and don't want to miss the deadline date.  I also made a matching pin cushion to go with the fob as I was enjoying making something small for a change.
So, tomorrow these little beauties will be in the mail, are they going to end up on your doorstep?
Have a great day

10 February 2012

just a word

Hi ladies
I think I mailed you all the name and address of your partner
if not please tell it to me
I am older now and memory can make me tricks

just a word to say you all when you post the package
it is a gift and the value is less than 10 dollars

some countries(italy too)stop nearly everything coming from place extraeurope and we have to pay a lot if we want our package
so please remember

any other questions?

08 February 2012

Scissor Fob Exchange

Has the information been sent out yet?  In the event it has, I did not recieve my info.

I'll be leaving for vacation in a week or soon and won't be back till the end of the month and would love to be able to get started on this before I leave.

05 February 2012

time to start

Ok ladies time is ended and it is time to mail you your partner.
please mail me your address and I will send you the name and the address
my e mail is

26 January 2012


Ok ladies,the pool is closed and the winner is....scissor fob
everyone liking to partecipate to this exchange please sign up here and then I will start to prepare everything

24 January 2012


Hi ladies,it is neaarly time to say the winner is...
tomorrow evening I will close the pool and organize it
anyone else stitching with us?

09 January 2012


hi ladies,
six of us are still voted for the next exchange.
Are we the same again or there are some new entries?
hurry up to choose

03 January 2012

Somethings are just the best when late

Christmas  and a  lovely parcel arrived from Sharon (Shebafudge) for me.  Poor Sharon, the first exchange didn't arrive so I hope where ever it has ended up the people are very happy with it, and so this lovely lady made another for me Tthis one arrived just in time for Christmas Day and it is just gorgeous, I particularly love the fabric Sharon used, it has all glittery bits through it.  Thank you so much Sharon - for the first which went missing and especially for the second which you were under no obligation to do but it is greatly appreciated.


And also the last ornament is arrived and just the day before christmas,ready to put it on the tree.
Well I will put the last date and I think we can consider the exchange closed.
I put a new poll too,if you want do another one.
The poll will be open till january 31 and it is open to ladies taking part to christmas one and also to ladies registered to the blog.
So I hope we will be a little more,I am trying to do my best to go on and if you have something to ask or to write please feel free to do it.

02 January 2012

It arrived!!

Just to let you know that Miche'le FINALLY got an ornie from me.  The first one still hasn't arrived but the replacement got to her on Christmas Eve.  There is a piccie below.

Miche'le's ornie
Just cross stitch ornie issue