29 January 2010

Lori Received A Scissor Pocket!

We haven't figured out why (yet), but Lori can't seem to post here.  So I've copied the photos she published on her blog of the Scissor Pocket she received from Miche'le (By Hoki Quilts) and posting them here.
Only a few more days until the deadline to get to get your exchanges in the mail!

28 January 2010

Scissor case from Nita!

My mailman usually makes noise when he drops off the mail - this time I didn't hear it, so I was surprised when we came back from the bus stop to see a package sticking out the top!

Inside I found a beautiful scissor case from Nita, complete with a matching fob and a new pair of scissors!
The back side says "A home for my scissors" - the flap has a beautiful button and says "TTE 2010", and she personalized it with our names, and a little "made with love" tag at the bottom.

Thank you, Nita, and I appreciate your "sacrifice" in giving up the scissors! LOL

26 January 2010

On it's way!

My little package was put in the mail today - let's hope it doesn't take too long!

Scissor Case sent

I've sent my Scissor Case today. I hope it'll arrive safely to its new owner.

Just back

from the post office and my scissor case has started its long journey.


25 January 2010

Hello my scissor case is on its way.

Greetings Stickhummel

24 January 2010

Scissor Case Received!

Wow - I think I'm the first to receive in the Scissor Case or Pocket Exchange!
I actually received this package from Lori on Thursday, 21 Jan, so I must apologize for my delay in posting. There were some personal matters occupying my attention.First, a long view so you can see the beautiful tassel:

Then a close-up of one side (:-( and the lining no longer looks gold),

And the other.

Thank-you so much, Lori, and thank-you for including the matching scissor fob and scissors!

23 January 2010

My scissor pocket is on it's way!

Just back from the post office - my little envelope is on it's way across some land, some water, some more land....


20 January 2010


Hello To you All

i want to let you know that i send my
scissor poket or case to his new owner
I hop she like's it a lot

greetings anita

12 January 2010

Near the biggest surprise of my life

When this morning I opened my mail and found a letter from Andrea in Idaho..... It was the floss tag that I´d never recive from my partner in the last summer exchange.... Thank you so much Andrea for make it so beauful and thank you so much Nita for be watching for my exchange really, I don´t have the words to express how happy you made me.... And....... yes...... I think I found my initials...... Are they in the second photo? Between the flowers? Thank you very much you really are an angel stitcher!!!!!!

Scissor Pocket Exchange

Hi Nita
I have sent my Scissor Pocket Exchange.
thanks for organising this swap, it was my first ever and as a newbee I really enjoyed it.
many hugs
By Hoki Quilts

10 January 2010

Monique's Humbug

Here is the little humbug I stitched for Monique. I graphed this design of a Friendship Star myself and added a few little seed beads to jazz it up. I am glad it arrived safely and Monique is enjoying it.

Needle book exchange - Sharon

I received a gorgeous little needle book in the post today! It was definitely worth waiting for. Thank you Sharon! I will post a photo when I get some new batteries for the camera.

06 January 2010

Received Humbug

Hello All

First a happy new year to all.

I have had some trouble with my pc but now every thing is ok.
I did not let me post and we i was on it the pc went out.
Well before x-mas i have received a beautifull humbug from Myra.
It was very nice.
I will try posting a photo later ok.

Greetings Monique

03 January 2010

Humbugs Received

Pictures will be posted a little later. (ETA - Pictures now posted!)

I received an adorable humbug from Ronel - Thank-you! - it's sooo cute, and the goodies you included were so sweet.
I also had an email from Liz that she had received the humbug I sent to her - phew! - I was really beginning to worry about it. I stitched her a teeny humbug, and then because it seemed to scream for it, a teeny bookmark and tag as well. I had bought a remnant of this fabric some time ago (I think it's Mary Englebreit - but now I am not sure - lol!) intending to make myself a project bag - and decided to quilt and sew a humbug project bag for Liz.

Anyone else?