30 September 2011

Ornament Mailed

My ornament has been mailed.   It has a long way to go to get to it's new home, so I hope it gets there ok. 

Here's a little sneak peak.

28 September 2011

xmas ornie mailed

here is a sneak peak at my ornie that is on it's way to a new owner.
Hope she like it...I posted it today but it has a long way to go.
be patient.....vivian

here it is my ornament.I just finish it and now I have only to put it in an envelope and go to post office.
hope to be able to go friday or at least saturday
and I hope my dear friend you will like it


the first ornament is on its way to its new home...
really curious to have a look of it
I will finish mine today and if the post office is still open I will mailed it

27 September 2011

I've sent

Just to let you know that my exchange is now winging its way to another part of the world.  Once I upload the camera, I will post a teasy photo for you!

I have realised that I haven't put the card in so when "someone" gets a packet with no ID in it, it's from me!!!

I really hope my partner likes it!

21 September 2011

I put sent and received but it still need the date.
so do not be worry

20 September 2011

count down

everything fine over there?
It is nearly time to mail our ornaments and perhaps put a photo for the most curious of us.

07 September 2011

just a word

Hi everyone!
everything fine with your cross stitching job?
mine is going on and I really like it
I do not know yet how to finish it but I have still some ideas.
Don't forget to ask me about any questions or problems if you have any