31 October 2011

Getting Anxious

It's a week on and still no sign of the parcel I sent - come on Mr Postman hurry up p-l-e-a-s-e!!!

24 October 2011


Miche'le don't be worry about your ornament,it is really a long way from your country to mine...sometimes it takes also 4 weeks so we can have a little patient

Mine is not arrived to my partner too
but it has a long way to do too

and you haven't got yours too Miche'le

I think we can wait at least 1 week again before being worried

Worried Thoughts

I'm starting to worry here.  It's such a long while ago that I posted my ornament exchange and there has been no mention of it.  I wonder what is going on with our mail delivery as I haven't received a parcel either.  Please hurry up Mr Postman.

17 October 2011


I'm sooooo very happy that you like your ornament and that it got there ok!

Hugs,  Melissa

Melissa - I've received mine!!!!!!!

....and it's absolutely gorgeous.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!   It is lovely.  I seriously can't believe you haven't corded before, your cording is so neat that I would have thought it was shop bought.

Can't wait to get my tree up now so I can hang it.   Thanks again!

14 October 2011

Getting Worried

I thought mine would have arrived by now so I am getting a little worried that it doesn't appear to have done so. Hope it's not lost somewhere on the way!

11 October 2011

hallo everyone

Hi stitchers!
everything fine?any news?
12 days are passed trough and I think our ornaments are still travelling across seas and oceans!
really a long way to do some of them...

I know it is still a bit early to ask but ...
do you like making a new exchange when this one is complete?
bye and have a nice day

04 October 2011

Ornament Received!

Late yesterday I recieved my GORGEOUS Hardanger ornament from Laurie.  Just take a look! My picture doesn't do it justice!

I've never had anything made in the hardanger style before and it's just LOVELY!  I've always wanted to learn to do Hardanger and this just cements the deal!    Thank you Laurie for this beautiful ornament!  I will treasure it always!

03 October 2011

A little something on it's way, way across the world

Just a little tease of an image to share with you as my decoration finds its way to the other side of the world.  It actually went last wee but the computer has had a few gremlins in it and wasn't working the best so I couldn't share this with you.
I hope my partner likes it.
hugs - Miche'le

01 October 2011

all mailed?

Well I think all the ornaments are travelling to their new house.
Hope they will arrive in time to be used...
Miche'le I just need to know the date of mailing of yours

and now just looking at mailing box for it