26 July 2013


Ok ladies, the exchange is finished. We all received our scissor case. Hope to see you again in a new one bye

25 July 2013

Monique....Thank you!!!!

What a surprise!   The other day I received a lovely little gift in my mailbox from Monique!  She stitched a gorgeous scissor case for me!    A lovely little Delft Blue Windmill!  The wooden buttons arrived a bit broken, but a little super glue fixed them up right as rain!   Isn't this lovely?

How you knew I love Delft I'll never know!  And the design matches an Antique Delft Tea set that I have perfectly!

I feel a little guilty though for not stitching an extra scissor case and sending it to you. 

Once again......Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this lovely gift!

22 July 2013

Scissor case

hello lady's

did you get the scissor case or are they still on ther way to you.

09 July 2013

Amanda's Scissor Case

In case you were interested in what Amanda's Scissor Case looks like,   here is a picture of it.....along with a matching pincushion.

The sewing is a little wonky as I am not the greatest with a sewing machine.....Sorry about that Amanda!   The pattern is taken from Ink Circles Circ de Coers.

08 July 2013


hi Melissa I found your marvellous scissor case coming back from my week holiday in egipt thanks it is realy fantastic and I like the colour too

04 July 2013

Siccor cases on the mail.

Hello Lady's

My siccor cases for you will be goning on the mail tommorow, sorry for the late date but i had some things going on in the family that had to be dealt whit.
Let me know when they arrive.

Greetings Monique