28 June 2010

Has Anyone Received This Yet??

Today I am wondering whether anyone has received this yet? I sent it a month ago almost to the other side of the world so I am beginning to get a little worried that it hasn't arrived yet! If you have received it, can you let me know please? If not, I will start to stitch another by next week. Thankyou.

Look what the mail brings me today!!

Anita sent me this from The Netherlands


This is her second time, the first unfortunately got lost on the mail. I'm so glad that this arrived safe and sound!!

Thanks Anita, my new pincushion has an especial place in my craft room!!


27 June 2010

my pincushion

Mine is arrived to Monique safe.She told it to me in comment to a post here.Here there is the photo

recieved or not

Hello to you All

send a e mail to your partner and ask
her if she recieved it or not
I send my exchange on may 3

i did that and my partner told me
that she didn't recieved it

So i made a new exchange for here
And send it to here

Greetings Anita


...I am wondering what happened this time to both my exchanges....I didn´t receive something and I also didn´t hear back from my partner she received it??? It´s no fun when exchanges go this way:-(((

Gaby from Germany

has my pincushion arrived ??

It's been more than a month since I sent out my pincushion :(

Please let me know if you have received it. Thank you.

25 June 2010

where's my pincushion?

After nearly a month I think my pincushion is lost somewhere...so next week I will start to stitch a new one for my pal.
But please if you receive it and only forgot to post tell it to me
have a nice day

23 June 2010

Pincushion from April

I received this lovely pincushion from April.  It's a Lizzie Kate design - isn't it adorable?
The backing fabric is so perfect - lots of doggies!
Thank-you April!

I'm slowly digging out from the backlog  - I do apologize for my unscheduled absence - and I'm trying to get everything back on track.

18 June 2010

Pin cushion Received....

Hello all!
I received my pin cushion from all the way over in Poland the other day. Iza sent to me and I LOVE it! She did a wonderful job on her stitching and the colors she chose are beautiful together too! Sorry the pictures may be a bit dark. My camera wasn't cooperating again....found out it was low batteries....geez!
Thank you so much Iza! Again you did a wonderful job on this little item!

Hello to you all

I all ready send my pincusion to my exhange partner
I have send it on may 3 and because she didn't recieved it yet
I have made a new one for here.
so watch your mailbox,because i have send it today.

Greetings Anita

My pincushion is waiting for me

I am in Australia at the moment as my father has been unwell, but my husband has told me I have a parcel from Ann waiting for me :D I am looking forward to getting home on 30th to some wonderful mail. I'll post a pic as soon as I get home.

17 June 2010

Gillie's pincushion from Najma!

My beautiful pincushion from Najma - too much travelling, I am so sorry to be late posting the picture.  Thank you again, Najma, it is so pretty, I love it!

16 June 2010

Pincushion from Jenna

I recieved this pincushion from Jenna yesterday. The design is from Beehive Needleworks and I love it very much. Thank You, Jenna!

Best regards,

13 June 2010

My pincushion has arrived~~~

And it is awesome!!!!! Look at this beauty that Miche’le made for me!!!!!!


I was a bit worried at first cause I for got to give Nita my new address since I moved, but thankfully this package traveled safely all the way from New Zealand and eventually find its way to my mailbox.

Thank you, Miche’le, I love it!!!!

12 June 2010

I Love My Pincushion!

My pincushion from Andrea arrived and it's beautiful! Love it to bits. The fabric is "infused" with something special - go to Andrea's blog to find out LOL. Thanks Andrea! I'm enjoying it already.

11 June 2010

Lovely Pincushion

My pincushion finally arrived and surprised me as it came from my own country.
Thank you Nicole for a lovely summer message. It is so lovely, the stitches so perfect and tiny (36ct). The background fabric is the same fabric she used for the back, which she also forwarded. What a lovely keepsake. thank you again.
ps: the summer has certainly arrived today, sunny 25C - gotta love that by the lake... :)

10 June 2010

pincushion exchange

Here's a picture of the pincushion I made for Nicole. she asked to post one, since she had troubles with her camera. it was fun to make.
hugs from Liz

09 June 2010

where is my pincushion?

hi everyone,really fantastic works,compliments to all the stitchers!
Just a few words since this time my little thing has not so many km to do but afternearly 3 weeks it is not arrived yet...
wonderful day to everyone

Exchange received from Liz!

Just a quick note to say I received the sweetest pincushion from Liz...  Unfortunately my computer is down at home (yes, again!), so I'm unable to post a picture right now.  Liz stitched one of the Stitching Devils from Ellen Maurer-Stroh (over one!) and finished the pincushion as a sunflower.  Just wait until you see a picture! 

Liz ~ you didn't leave me your email address...  but thank you, thank you, thank you!!  I absolutely love the way you finished the pincushion, it is so sweet!  Your stitching and finishing are gorgeous :)  Would you be able to post a picture if you took one??  Thanks again!


Exhange partner??

Just a quick note to let you all know I haven't been at home so haven't been able to pick up my mail in about 2 weeks time. Summers here in Mn FINALLY and we spend nearly half of it at our camper in central Mn. I'll be back at home by Sunday of this week and will get my last 2 weeks mail on Monday. If I was your exchange partner don't panic yet! :) I'll let you know when I receive.

Also updated my blog yesterday if anyone cares to have a look?

It has arrived

Thank you so much Vivian

What a neat pincushion, I love it also the fob what a cleaver idea to put it on a clip chain.

I am going to enjoy the maple syrup treats.

I have been to Canada a few times and would love to visit Nova Scotia again

Thank you so much I will treasure it.

07 June 2010

From Gillie

Here's the beautiful pincushion I received from Gillie.  Also the gorgeous fabric included in the package - thank you Gillie, you do beautiful work.

I’m so late

I’m so late, my apologies to all!! My pin cushion I have stitched is going into the post today. I wish it a speedy travel top its new owner. Regards Ronel

05 June 2010

Hasn't it arrived yet?

I'm quite worried the pincushion I sent hasn't arrived yet
according to my post service it got to its destiny, but I have no any news yet

Pin Cushion received!

Thank you to Lynn S. for the beautiful little pin "pillow"! The dragon fly charm and fabric is so sweet, and I love the colors!  She included the chart for the pattern, so now my head is spinning with the accessories I can make!  She also included a fat quarter of green swirly fabric, which I promptly added to my stash, and forgot to photograph! LOL

Thanks so much Lynn for a great exchange!

Pincushion Received

I received Gillie's gorgeous pincushion this morning, it is beautiful, and Gillie also included some lovely extras.  I'll post a picture later.  Thanks very much Gillie, I absolutely love what you sent me.


03 June 2010

My pincushion

Ohhh I am awfully late but we have school holidays at the moment and I am busy with the kids so I totally forgot to send mine out....but it will be in the mail tomorrow or latest Saturday;-(

I already saw some very beautiful ones and I am curious what I will get;-))

Have fun stitching,
Gaby from Germany

I hope my pincushion is NOT lost

Hello to you all
I have send my pincushion to his new owner
on may 3
I hope that she recieved it al ready and
didn't hat the time to let me know
And it didn't get lost in the mail
so please can you let me know.

Greetings anita

02 June 2010

Pincushion arrived !!

Thank you Theresa !! Your beautiful pincushion has arrived :)

01 June 2010

In the mail.... Tomorrow :)

To my partner:

I'm so sorry, I'll be posting your pincushion tomorrow.  Due to volunteer commitments last night & tonight I can't get to the post office until then.  Praying for a speedy delivery!