30 April 2010

My tin arrived from Liz, Yeah!

Coming all the way from the Netherlands, I know sometimes takes a very long time.  Since I have another stitching friend there more than once I had thought my package had gotten lost.  Liz sent me a beautiful tin with pearl pins, a (much needed ) thimble, and a cute tiny little fuzzy chick which made me laugh.  She also included some stitching on her card. I love it!  Since I need to get ready for work so I don't have time to add a photo now but Liz made my tin using the prettiest finishing fabric.  I love that the pattern she used has some black work in it and it is done in a lovely shade of green.  Her tin is a little bigger than the one we get here and her creative finishing has already given me some new ideas to try. Thanks a bunch Liz.  Photo added today.

28 April 2010

It is from Amanda!

My beautiful tin is from Amanda. Thank you Amanda, it is truly a treasured gift.

Regards Ronel

27 April 2010

Please let me know..

Hello Ladies,
I have received this pretty tin a week or two ago, but don’t know who was my exchange partner. The parcel was sent from Italy and I would love to know who it is from – so I can thank you in person. Hugs Ronel

Pincushion Exchange List

Please check to make sure your name is on the Pincushion Exchange List.  I apologize in advance if I have inadvertently left your name off the list - please email me if I did - pretty please!

     I've had a question about size - I think at least 3" or 7.5 cm, don't you?

As for color preferences - when I send your partner's name to you I will also include their blog address, if any.  Sometimes reading older posts here and at TTE can give you clues.

     As for style - the sky is the limit on this one - if you can stick a pin in it and it includes cross stitch on even-weave, it qualifies.   The main things are that you take care in the making and that you would be proud to receive it.

One reminder about including extras - the only things extra that we ask you to send with the pincushion is a postcard from your area (and I've been guilty of forgetting that - lol!) and include a note inside the package with your name, your TTE, Too user name, and TTE, Too.  No mystery packages, please - don't let your partner wonder where the pretty pincushion came from.

     Have a wonderful time stitching your pincushion - I'll be getting the partner's names out by Saturday, 1 May, so be looking for an email from me.


23 April 2010

Beautiful Scissor Keeper

I just have to share the most beautiful gift I have just received. I particpated in the scissor keeper exchange and had not received my parcel. When Nita realised, she organised an absolute "Angel" to stitch for me and wow - was it worth waiting for!! When I returned home from being overseas for a month, there was an interesting parcel for me! Thankyou so very much Liz from the Netherlands for the time and effort you have put in to such a very beautiful gift. I will treasure it always! Thankyou! And thankyou Nita for organising this - it was most unexpected though very much appreciated and treasured!

The front of the scissor keeper has tiny red buttons down it and the stitching, as you can see, is absolutely exquisite over the tiniest linen - it is divine! And I absolutely love it!

my tin box is arrived

Hi everyones.Today coming back from work I found a yellow envelope.It is from Bonnie and inside there is a fantastic tin box and a fantastic scissor.Thanks Bonnie,I really like all,also the very strange card.

19 April 2010

Tin box exchange

As promised, here are the pictures of the round tin box, mare made for me.
Neat, isn't it?
Thank you again mare. I've had some nice reactions from my friends.

Hugs from Liz

16 April 2010

I'm so happy.

Thank you so much Mare. Your round tin has arrived this afternoon. It's a really nice tin with blue and pink colours. Also really pretty were the selfmade rose pins and the nice dragonfly gadgets.
I am really lucky to get such nice gifts. I will place a picture sometime this weekend so that everybody can admire my tiny treasure.
Thank you again, Mare, you've made my day.

Hugs from Liz

15 April 2010

Tin Topper from Ronel!

FINALLY getting around to showing you all my beautiful tin topper from Ronel! She was very clever I think in how she finished up this cute little tin! It can be used for either photo's or as she suggested I can put some felt on each little square and use it as a needle holder as well. As you can see she also added a couple of goodies of floss and a small card to the package as well.

Thanks again Ronel! I treasure my first altoid tin needlework!

Lynn S. in Mn., USA

14 April 2010

My round tin is traveling to distant shores

I wonder if I am the only one who did a round tin?

10 April 2010

My Tin Topper From Andrea

I received a beautiful tin topper from Andrea today. She stitched a pretty hardanger design on lavender fabric. (One of my favorite colors.)

I really like hardanger and I don't have any in my collection so this is special to me. On the inside of the tin is a smaller design personalized with my name.

The tin is finished with a pretty coordinating fabric and green ribbon and beads. And to top it off a pair of Little Gems purple scissors that I have been wishing for. How great is that?

Thanks Andrea,

08 April 2010

Altoid Tin Mailed

Sorry I am so late getting this on it's way.
I have had it finished for a while but just haven't been able to get it mailed.

Pincushion Exchange

Hi Everyone!  It's (past) time to begin sign-ups for the next exchange: a pincushion.

There's a ton of ideas out there - if you Google cross stitch pincushion, you'll be overwhelmed by the endless creativity in styles of pincushions - and they are all beautiful!

To sign up, email me with TTE Too Pincushion in the subject line. 
You can sign up until 22 April 2010. 
Partners info will be emailed by 1 May 2010. 
The final mail-out date is 1 June 2010.

Here is a chance to indulge your creativity -  so let's all have fun!

07 April 2010

Altoid Tin exchange received...

Just a quick note to let everyone know I received my exchange tin from Ronel yesterday. I need to get new batteries for my camera and then will post a photo. Ronel had a very clever way of making this one! I have had the pleasure of having Ronel as a exchange partner in the past and she ALWAYS does such nice work! I can't wait to show you all what she made for me this exchange!

THANK YOU Ronel...as I said a photo to follow soon!

Lynn S. in Mn., USA

06 April 2010


This BEAUTIFUL humbug was stitched by Nita as a replacement for me. It is GORGEOUS! I LOVE the design and the colors she chose for me. She even stitched me a tag too! The humbug is HUGE! I love it so much Nita. You really went all out for me. Your kindness and generosity really has shown through. I am honored to have this elegant piece stitched by you. It will always be treasured by me. Thank you so much my friend. You have really blessed me and it couldn't have come at a better time. *HUGS* Thank you Nita. I LOVE IT!

03 April 2010

Altoid Tin going to the post office today

2 days late! Ack! I had some trim problems, that's my only excuse, lol. But it's finished, in the envelope ready to go to ??????


As promised although a day late

Here are pics of the beautiful tin sent to me by Lynn S as well as a correction. After my last post I actually read the card that the "floss" is on and it's actually blended cording!! I've never seen anything like this before, but what a great idea, and it goes perfectly with the fabric :D
Thanks again for a wonderful exchange, Lynn.

01 April 2010

My gorgeous altoid tin has arrived

My gorgeous tin from Lynn in Mn arrived this morning along with some other lovely goodies - fat quarter, hand dyed floss and scissors :D Wait til you see the tin though. I'll post pics tomorrow. Thank you so much for everything, especially the lovely tin, Lynn