28 July 2011


well so just to understand which one of you would like to go on with the exchanges I will try to make a list

If there is anyone else I will add her to the list
well till now it is

Hoki quilts/Miche'le

bye for now and have a nice day

26 July 2011

Mail Art?

I think what Amanda is meaning is for us to each stitch a post card, stitching the address and the stamp too, rather like mail art, and send it along with a postcard from where you live. Is this correct, Amanda?

vote for your favourite exchange

I put a little poll just to know what you would like to do
If you prefer embroidering something else tell me here

25 July 2011

new exchange

Well some of you answeared to my posts and would like to go with a new exchange.I can organize some till when Nita will be back.I thougt about a holiday exchange since it is holidays time in some parts of the world.

what do you thing about sending a postcard where you spend your holidays or simply a day trip or your town and embroidery one too with a cross stichstamp and address...

Let me know about it and if you prefer making something else too

20 July 2011


well a couple of you answear to my post so if there is anyone else wanting to say something and perhaps liking go on with other exchange can write something here and I will try to organize some new exchange.
Sorry again if my english is not perfect but I think everyone can understand me the same.

Nita we are still waiting for you.Please tell us something and if everything is ok.

18 July 2011


Hi to everyone,I have a look every day just to know about news from Nita.
Till now we haven't any.Her blog had a stop months ago,some of us wrote her e mails but till now any news.
If some of you would like to go with our exchange I can try to organize them for you till when Nita will be back.
Probably my english is not the best but I am on line every day.
Let me know what you want to do and remember tha it is only till when Nita will be back,it is her blog and I am only a helper