27 March 2010

hi,my tin box is going to post office with my husband just to reach a new house.
Hope the next owner will like it.

23 March 2010

Altoid tin exchange on it's way....

Hello everyone,
Just a note that my altoid tin is on its way to its new owner. This one was fun to make too as it was my very first tin to make! I think that again my first "try" at something new turned out pretty nice!
Hope my exchange partner likes it too!

Lynn S. in Mn.

Altoid Tin on its way.

Hello Ladies!

My altoid tin is on its way to its new owner. This was the first tin I have ever covered and very challenging finish for me, but thoroughly enjoyed making it. Hope its new owner likes it to!

Thanks Nita for organising this exchange.

Hugs Ronel

20 March 2010

Altoid Tin BoxExchange

Hi everybody,

today I've given my tiny treasure in the care of the postmen and women. I packed it carefully, as it has a long way to travel. I"ve made it with lots of love and I hope the new owner will like it as much as I enjoyed making it.
What nice tin boxes you've made Lynne and Anita. Great fun to do!!!!
Thank you Nita, this was a really nice and challengeging(?) exchange.

Hugs to all of you,


Altoid Tin Exchange

Hello Everybody

I want to let you all know that I recieved a beautiful
altoid tin from Lynne.
Lynne thank you so much.
I realy love the collors and the 3 little harts you made.

Greetings anita

19 March 2010

My Altoid Tin Arrived!

Thank you to Anita from the Netherlands for this beautiful tin! I think I'm the first to receive in this exchange!!

Where Stitchers Meet - I love the holographic heart and the delicate little scissors!

The side - she used 2 different colors of ribbon, and you can see the 3D butterfly and gold rope trim

The inside - this fabric is so soft.

This little treasure has already found it's way to my cutting/finishing table. I'm going to put some pins in it right away - the other day I discovered that one of my plastic pin boxes fell off the table and scattered pins everywhere - so this will be a perfect new home for them! Plus, I haven't finished mine yet, so it will serve as inspiration for the next few days!

Thank you again, Anita!

16 March 2010

My scissor fob

Sorry for publishing photos so late.Here there are the ones of the most beautiful one ,where I have already put my scissor.
Surely you can use my photos and if they are not nice enough tell me and I will remade them

Amanda - may I have a photograph, please?

I know my scissor case is being resent to me, I'm so sorry :(

Amanda, could you please post a picture of the scissor case I sent to you?  I'm glad you liked it but I stupidly forgot to take a picture before it went on its merry way to Italy!  May I use your picture on my blog, please?

Thanks, gillie x

15 March 2010

My Altoid Tin

Is winging it's way to a new home. Hope it gets there quickly and safely.


08 March 2010

Altoid Tin Exchange

Hello to you All

I want to let you know that I send
my TTE Altoid Tin Exchange to his
new owner
I hope she like's it

So watch you mailman He will bring it to you

Greetings anita

06 March 2010

Sorry for the late photo...
Here it is the wonderful Scissor Case I received from Lizrieka:

Is something really great, super perfect and beautiful!
I'm very happy and it is now in my craft bag and goes with me to everywhere I go.
Thank you so much my dear Liz!