30 August 2009

Thank-you Eileen!

One of the justifiable concerns we all have is that this group always have a contact person. I'm happy to announce that Eileen has agreed to help me run this group. I have shared all the info I have with her, and she has administrative privileges for this blog.

I'll leave it to Eileen if she wants to write anything about herself.

Our Contact Info:

Nita - jcbsleep at yahoo dot com

Eileen - meat at theeyrie dot fsnet dot co dot uk

And now, a question:

I would like to have at least one more person as a point of contact for this group. Anyone interested?

27 August 2009

I made it!

Thanks, Nita, for getting the blog up and running. My needle is poised!

26 August 2009

An Appeal for Help

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It’s very late here, and I’m really tired and ready to go to bed. But I can’t rest until I make this final effort to contact all the members of Tiny Treasures Exchange.

30 Members have Joined TTE, Too. Thanks to all of you!

I’ve emailed invites to 24 more.

For 20 members for whom I was unable to discover an email, I’ve posted a comment to their blog asking them to check here.

That leaves 13 12 11 members without blogs (or I am unable to post to their blogs because it requires me to join before I can post).

Monika (Thanks, Lynn)
Patti A
Sabine S (Countrybine) (Thanks, Rochelle)

So, I am appealing to all of you. Perhaps you had one of these members as an exchange partner – perhaps you know them from another venue. If you have contact information, would you please send them the info about TTE, Too?

Thank-you all for your support!

25 August 2009

Thank you Nita

I just want to thank Nita for going to the trouble of setting up this blog and organising things in Sharon's absence. If you need any help, just shout!

23 August 2009


Welcome to a secondary blog for the Tiny Treasures Exchangers. I do not want to replace TTE, only supplement it.

Please e-mail me all the following info so I can add you to this site:

Your User Name on TTE
Your Real Name (Will not be public)
Your E-Mail (Will not be public)
Your Blog (if you have one)
Your Mailing Address (Will not be public)

And I sincerely hope I can figure out how to do that! (I'm one of those people - I figure something out only when I have to, and until then, I don't worry overmuch about it - LOL!)

If you look over to the right, you can see that I've added Our Blogs. Please contact me if I've left you off the list (I'm only Almost Perfect - lol!), made an error or any other problem with this list.

I hope this turns out to be helpful. And I can't wait to start the next exchange. Don't forget to vote here. The Needlebook and Ornament are running neck and neck right now, with Stitcher's Choice a very close third.