28 December 2009

Scissors Pocket or Case Exchange - Emails sent

I just finished emailing the partners for the Scissors Pocket or Case Exchange. So check your inboxes for an email from me. If you haven't received one, and you should have - please email me!

27 December 2009

My humbug from Gillie...

...arrived one day before christmas eve...perfect timing and it´s a really nice one;-)) Thanks Gillie, for the humbug and the extra silks, love them...

Have a nice week until new year;-))

24 December 2009

Arrived !

Finally, this cute little humbug has arrived ! I was so worried that it would be lost in the Christmas mails !

Thank you Jenna :)

10 December 2009

Humbug from Fiona

I received this beautiful, jewel like, humbug from Fiona today.  Thank you very much Fiona, it is beautiful and the length of Christmas fabric it was wrapped in will be used to make more Christmas decorations.  Everything was tied together with a lovely ribbon (which I will also find a crafty use for!).

07 December 2009


My humbug is in the mail with profuse apologies for its lateness! We moved house with a three week interval when everything was in storage and then (the really clever bit, lol) I moved into the new house and supervised the unloading of the furniture while Himself left for Europe the day BEFORE! During the three weeks, as Nita mentioned, William Edward Newport Kilner joined our family and I was able to travel to Idaho for a week of cuddles! Dear partner, I hope you like my stitching!

I'm also late in saying that I received a beautiful humbug from Jeanie, all the way from Singapore, along with some "little bits". All our mail is going to a PO box right now and I never seem to be able to pick it up in a timely manner. Thank you, dear Jeanie!

05 December 2009

Heard from Gillie

I had an email from Gillie. She's had a lot of Life happening, including the birth of her second grandson! But she plans to post her humbug very soon.

Gillie, would you please email me your Yahoo address - I don't have it in my records -Thanks!

Scissors Pocket or Case Exchange

Sign-ups are open for our next exchange - a Scissors Pocket or Case, which will be our first exchange of 2010!

You will be able to sign-up through 22 December 2009, and your partner’s info will be emailed to you by 2 January 2010. Deadline to mail out your Scissor Pocket or Case is 2 February 2010.

Please take a moment to review the exchange guidelines (link at top right of the sidebar).

Some things that are worth repeating from our Guidelines:

Remember that we are an international group, and make your plans accordingly.


Each exchange will have a particular finish, such as: scissor fob, scissor case, needle case, pinkeep, biscornu, pincushion, floss tag, etc, or a particular theme. There are enough finishing variations in each of these categories to accommodate every ones finishing abilities, from novice to expert. Please keep in mind, you may be partnered with someone with more or less stitching and finishing ability than yourself, but as long as everyone does their best and sends out a piece that they would be happy to receive themselves, everyone should enjoy both the giving and the receiving!

Each project must be completely finished and ready to use.

Please use linen or evenweave fabric (your choice of color) rather than Aida. I love stitching on Aida as much as I do linen but it is harder to finish it smoothly in small projects like these. If you absolutely can't stitch on linen or evenweave for some reason, please let me know - I will confirm with your exchange partner that they will not mind receiving a piece stitched on Aida.

You have free choice of fibers used - specialty threads, metallics, silks, over-dyes, cotton floss, etc., etc.

Additional embellishments are allowed - buttons, beads, charms, ribbons, etc."

If you know of a good tutorial for a scissor pocket or case - won't you share? I haven't had a lot of opportunities to look lately.

Let's all have fun with this one!

04 December 2009

My humbug is here :D

My gorgeous humbug from Mare has arrived. She made a snowman one which is just so me as I love snowmen (not logical when I hate cold lol). Mare also included some pins that she made. They are much more delicate than they look in the pic and are just beautiful. I am so envious of her talent to make these. Thank you so much for my exchange parcel, Mare.


Christmas Humbug Received

I have received the most beautiful Christmas Humbug from Gaby in Germany! Thanks so much Gaby - it is beautiful and your own design too! I will hang it with pleasure on our Christmas Tree and think of you! Thankyou and Merry Christmas!

03 December 2009

Missing Exchanges?

My face is red!

Edited to change mailing deadline from two months to one month ago - obviously I can't count (which may be why I seem to have to frog a lot lately)! We do allow seven weeks before assuming an exchange is MIA - and I apologize for my error.

Thanks to all who pointed this silly mistake out to me.

From our Exchange Guidelines:

"If you do not fulfill your commitment or make other arrangements with me on an exchange, you will not be allowed to participate in another exchange until your previous commitment is met."

"8. If your item goes missing in the mail you will be asked to send another. If you cannot do this you will need to inform one of the mods. An item will be considered missing if it has not been received within 7 weeks of the send out date."

"9. Failure to complete an exchange in a satisfactory manner is grounds for immediate blacklisting."

I am very disturbed that we have four members who have not yet received a Needle Book. The mailing deadline was 2 November 2009 - that's a month ago!

And, we have quite a few Humbugs unaccounted for, as well.

If I've missed seeing a post and my records are incorrect - shame on me! email me and I'll joyfully fix my error.

If you haven't posted that you've sent or received an exchange - shame on you!

I've one Needle Book nearly completed to angel one member soon - and while I don't mind in the least doing so - and other members have been stitching angels in the past, as well - it should not be necessary!

Mail does get lost or misdirected - I've certainly had that happen to me in the past. It does seem to me that if it happens - we should make every effort to make it right.

What do you think?