27 February 2010

the pictures

scissor pocket all the way from Portugal

As promised, I love to show you the scissorcase and presents I received from Maria Joa.The scissor and case are stitched with love and care as you can see. And then the lovely towel, which has a border with miniature crochet. I'm very happy with all the items.

Hugs from Liz

24 February 2010

scissor case

Yesterday I received a lovely scissorpocket from Maria Joa. Thank you so much , I'm very happy with it and I immediately started using the case and scissor. And top op all you enclosed some more wonderfull presents.
I will place a picture soon, as I am in a hurry right now.

Thank you again, Hugs from Liz

23 February 2010

Scissor Case from April rec'd

I received my scissor exchange from April, thanks. I think that April used the same floss shade to stitch my case as I used.  I love using that color, DMC 107!

22 February 2010

scissor case

what a lovely works you all have made. I'm beginning to get worried again, since I sent my scissor case 3 weeks ago and there is no sign of arrival yet. Hope it will arrive soon.


20 February 2010

Scissor Case from Liz/5horizon

Here are the pictures from my scissore case...

Best from Germany Sabine/stickhummel

19 February 2010

Scissors Case from Mare

I recieved the most beautiful scissors case from Mare. I like it ver very much! Thank You!

18 February 2010

Recieved from audrone

Hello All

I have recieved a beautifull siccor case from Audrone
I realy love the colours and the fabric on the back.
THanks for this lovely gitft.

GReetings Monique

ps i will post pic later.

17 February 2010

Scissor Pocket/Caee mailed


sorry for the delay in mailing but I finally dropped my package in the mail today.  Hope the receipent enjoys it.

April :-)

Thank you Monique

Hi Monique

Thank you so much for the wonderful scissor case.  I love it.  The stitching and finishing are beautiful.  I already have the scissor case next to my stitcihng area.

Thank you so much!

15 February 2010

My scissor pocket is here :D

I have received a gorgeous scissor pocket from Bonnie. It came complete with scissors to match, and they had a beautiful fob.

Even the card (which I forgot to include in the pic) was colour co-ordinated!!! Thank you so much for this, Bonnie. I absolutely adore it.


12 February 2010

Hello All,
my scissor case has arrived,its a lovely stitching.
Thank you Liz from Poland.Thank you thank you very much.

best from Germany Sabine

Photo comes.

11 February 2010

Very Sad News

Nicole sent me an email with this link.
We know Mary Jo as josieh.
We have lost a lovely soul.

I'm a little concerned

I haven't heard from my partner yet that she's received her scissor pocket - I sent it over 2 weeks ago. I hope it didn't fall in the ocean!!!!

10 February 2010


And this afternoon coming back from my job I found a fantastic scissor case from Gillie.
As soon as I can I will show you it.
Thanks Gillie it is perfect for my scissor

09 February 2010

A Parcel All the way From Italy

Look at the lovely gifts I recieved from Armonde in Italy, Firstly, a lovely little scissor case complete with a beaded pin closure.  But Armode writes that it wasn't what she wanted so the sweetie made another, and this time she included a delightful pair of pink scissors in the case too.  On this one she sewed in cross stitch using vriagated thread and it's just lovely.  Thank-you so much Armonde, I will always treasure my gift from you all the way on the other side of the world.
Hugs, Miche'le

Hello All
I want to lett you know that is recieved a wonderfull
scissor case and a fob from Nicole
she made me a Hummingbird.
Nicole thank you very very much.
I realy love the Hummingbird.

everybody look for your self how
wonderfull it is

greetings anita

08 February 2010

TTE Needlebook Exchange - Wrap Up

Here's the final tally for our very first exchange since moving over to this blog, a Needle Book Exchange.
We had some very pretty needle books sent and received,  although we didn't all meet the mailing deadline of 2 November 2009 - and I do want to know how you feel about that.

Here's the list:
Amanda-received from-keljas-on-28-Sep-09
Amanda-sent to-Cole (Nicole)-on-17-Oct-09
April-received from-Aury-on-11-Nov-09
April-sent to-drea_dear (Andrea)-on-????
Audroné (Varle)-received from-Bonnie-on-07-Nov-09
Audroné (Varle)-sent to-keljas (Anita)-on-02-Nov-09
Aury-received from-Cindy C -on-23-Nov-09
Aury-sent to-April-on-02-Nov-09
Bonnie-received from-Fiona-on-11-Nov-09
Bonnie-sent to-Audrone-on-29-Oct-09
Cindy C-received from-riceandsoup (Jean A)-on-03-Nov-09
Cindy C-sent to-Aury-on-01-Nov-09
Cole (Nicole)-received from-Amanda-on-28-Oct-09
Cole (Nicole)-sent to-josieh-on-02-Nov-09
drea_dear (Andrea)-received from-April-on-07-Nov-09
drea_dear (Andrea)-sent to-Patti L-on-28-Oct-09
Fiona-received from-Jenna-on-02-Nov-09
Fiona-sent to-Bonnie-on-30-Oct-09
Jean A-received from-Karina (email from Jean 3 Dec)-on-03-Dec-09
Jean A-sent to-Cindy-on-01-Nov-09
Jenna-received from-lizrieka-on-11-Nov-09
Jenna-sent to-Fiona-on-07-Oct-09
josieh (Mary Jo)-received from-Cole-on-20-Nov-09
josieh (Mary Jo)-sent to-Lynn (sunnysmiles1951)-on-12-Oct-09
Karina-received from-Lynn (sunnysmiles)-on-10-Nov-09
Karina-sent to-Jean A (someone or riceandsoup)-on-09-Nov-09
keljas-received from-Audroné-on-06-Nov-09
keljas-sent to-Amanda-on-24-Sep-19
lizrieka-received from-Lynne-on-12-Nov-09
lizrieka-sent to-Jenna-on-02-Nov-09
Lynn (sunnysmiles1951 or Lynn  in Mn)-received from-josieh (Mary Jo)-on-25-Oct-09
Lynn (sunnysmiles1951 or Lynn  in Mn)-sent to-Karina-on-30-Oct-09
Lynne-received from-Monique-on-11-Nov-09
Lynne-sent to-lizriecka-on-02-Nov-09
Monique N-received from-Nita-on-02-Nov-09
Monique N-sent to-Lynne-on-06-Oct-09
Nita-received from-Xangels (Pokua)-on-26-Oct-09
Nita-sent to-Monique-on-21-Oct-09
Nita-sent to-reneexstitch-on-20-Jan-10
Patti L-received from-drea-dear-on-09-Nov-09
Patti L-sent to-Theresa-on-17-Nov-09
reneexstitch (Renee K)-received from-Nita-on-02-Feb-10
reneexstitch (Renee K)-sent to-Xangles (Pokua)-on-08-Nov-09
Rhea-received from-Ronel (sent 11-3-09) -on-???
Ronel-received from-stickhummel-on-30-Oct-09
Ronel-sent to-Rhea-on-03-Nov-09
SGVChicago (Sharon V)-received from-Theresa-on-10-Nov-09
SGVChicago (Sharon V)-sent to-Shebafudge-on-????
Shebafudge-received from-SGVChicago-on-10-Jan-10
Shebafudge-sent to-stickhummel-on-30-Oct-09
stickhummel - received from-Shebafudge-on-17-Nov-09
stickhummel -sent to-Ronel-on-15-Oct-09
Theresa-received from-Patti-on-29-Nov-09
Theresa-sent to-SGVChicago-on-30-Oct-09
Xangels (Pokua)-received from-Renee-on-11/21/2009 (noted on Pokua's blog)
Xangels (Pokua)-sent to-Nita-on-????

Please note that Rhea has been very ill, and in and out of the hospital, so my info for her is not complete.

I'll be removing the Needle Book Sent and Received gadgets from the left column today to make room for the newest exchange - the Altoid Tin Exchange.


05 February 2010

My scissor case sent

My scissor case has gone to...........? I hope my partner likes it! Sorry I am late posting, I am in DC and can't get home lol! We have a huge storm coming and my flight is cancelled. If my scissor case has been sent to me I will open it when I get home!

Scissor Case from Lynne

I received a beautiful Scissor Case from Lynne.

I have always liked Meri's Scissor designs and so I was really surprised and happy when I saw what she stitched for me.

She also included a pair of scissors.
The case has pretty brown ribbon at the top to tie it closed.
It has a pretty floral lining.

On the back is stitched the name of the scissors. How cute is that?
Note: I used the black fabric in the background to take the picture.
Thanks so much Lynne, I love it.

Altoid Tin Exchange

I also never made one, . sign me in. Nita, .thank you .
I will send my pm to you

Hugs from anita

Tin Exchange

What a nice idea. I've never made one, so it's time to trie this one out.
Please sign me in. Nita, I will send you a personal message.
thank you for organizing again, it looks like fun.

Hugs from Liz

Altoid Tin Exchange Sign-ups Open

Sign-ups are now open for the Altoid Tin Exchange.
Some important notes about this exchange:
You do not have to use an "Altoid" tin - any similar size tin will work.  How big is a standard Altoid Tin?  By my measurements:
3-13/16" (9.68 cm) long
2-7/16" (6.19 cm) wide
3/4" (1.91 cm) deep
Please do not use a "mini" tin (they are so cute. but really tiny!)
Other shapes can be used (I've got some round tins and even a couple of heart shaped tins), as long as they are a similar size.
Your decorated tin must include cross stitch (silly, I know, to have to state that - but we are primarily a cross-stitch group - not a clay or paint or paper-craft group).

Sign-ups open today and run through 22 February 2010.  Partners will be emailed by 1 March 2010, and the final mail-out date is 1 April 2010.  To sign up, please email me.  Put TTE Altoid Tin in the subject line, and include your name and address (so I can verify that I have the correct address).

Neat inspirations can be found here, here or here (Tokens and Trifles Rectangles are almost perfectly sized for Tin Toppers!).  I've listed a couple of tutorials all the way at the bottom of the blog (under Finishing Links).

Let's have fun with this one!

03 February 2010

Scissor Pocket mailed today

I am mailing my partners scissor pocket today.
I hope it has a safe trip.

Scissor Pocket Posted !!

Just reporting in that my scissor pocket was posted off yesterday! Winging its way to the USA!! Hope the recipient is happy!! Fiona x

on it's way

My scissors case is on its way to the new home I hope it'll arrive safely.


02 February 2010

On it's way!

Just dropping by to say I've sent a scissor case off to it's new home today. I hope it makes a quick journey as it has a ways to go!

At noon I mailed my scissor case for...
really a long travel to do across ocean
Hope it will arrive soon and safe

Scissors Case Exchange

My scissors case is on its way to the new house. I hope it'll arrive safely.

Best regards from Audrone

Siccor case on it's way

Hello All

I have posted my siccor case to it's new owner.
I hope she will like it.

Greetings Monique

Exchange received from Anita

Today's mail brought my Scissor Case exchange from Anita. Anita sent me the sweetest scissor case showcasing the thing that's most important to me...

Anita also included some cute goodies:

Anita, you didn't include your email address in your note... Thank you so much! I love the scissor case, it's perfect for me. Your package helped make my day :)


01 February 2010

scissorcase/book exchange

I have completed my scissorcase and posted it today to a nice owner. it still has a long way to go, and I hope it will arrive safely.

Hugs from Liz