28 December 2009

Scissors Pocket or Case Exchange - Emails sent

I just finished emailing the partners for the Scissors Pocket or Case Exchange. So check your inboxes for an email from me. If you haven't received one, and you should have - please email me!


  1. Hi Nita thanks for my partner,your mail has arrived.

    Best Stickhummel Sabine from germany

  2. THOUGHT I'd be in this exchange but as fate would have it I missed the deadline again! Reason being I was still thinking about it and then my husband and myself were involved in a car accident this last week...Monday...
    We will be ok eventually but really painful bruises etc right now. PLENTY of time to stitch tho when I get myself back together! Too sore to do much of anything else. Hubby will be fine too with time..one broken rib. and the massive bruising.
    One really stupid kid ran a red light and rammed us directly in the drivers side. Our NEW RAV4 car with less than 2000 miles on it is totalled but we are alive. My husband was driving and took the brunt of the impact and very well could have been killed if not for those side air bags and side impact curtains.
    Will keep you all informed as to how we are doing through my blog when I get some time to write in there.
    Have fun with this exchange ok? I hope to get signed up for the next one!

    Happy New Years to all too!