03 December 2009

Missing Exchanges?

My face is red!

Edited to change mailing deadline from two months to one month ago - obviously I can't count (which may be why I seem to have to frog a lot lately)! We do allow seven weeks before assuming an exchange is MIA - and I apologize for my error.

Thanks to all who pointed this silly mistake out to me.

From our Exchange Guidelines:

"If you do not fulfill your commitment or make other arrangements with me on an exchange, you will not be allowed to participate in another exchange until your previous commitment is met."

"8. If your item goes missing in the mail you will be asked to send another. If you cannot do this you will need to inform one of the mods. An item will be considered missing if it has not been received within 7 weeks of the send out date."

"9. Failure to complete an exchange in a satisfactory manner is grounds for immediate blacklisting."

I am very disturbed that we have four members who have not yet received a Needle Book. The mailing deadline was 2 November 2009 - that's a month ago!

And, we have quite a few Humbugs unaccounted for, as well.

If I've missed seeing a post and my records are incorrect - shame on me! email me and I'll joyfully fix my error.

If you haven't posted that you've sent or received an exchange - shame on you!

I've one Needle Book nearly completed to angel one member soon - and while I don't mind in the least doing so - and other members have been stitching angels in the past, as well - it should not be necessary!

Mail does get lost or misdirected - I've certainly had that happen to me in the past. It does seem to me that if it happens - we should make every effort to make it right.

What do you think?


  1. Hi, Nita, I think this is a great reminder. Sometimes we overextend ourselves, or even *gasp* forget that we signed up for something.

    I know that the UK had major postal issues this fall with a strike, and some things just were not delivered. Also, some countries have strict customs rules - I know Italy is tough about hand-stitched items. It's important for members to check the requirements of the country they're sending to - before they get to the post office.

    Also, I did sign up to be an angel stitcher, and I saw that the person I was to stitch for received an e-mail from her original partner. But I haven't seen a "received" on that exchange yet, so I will go ahead with that angel stitching. I'm done with holiday stitching after this weekend, so I should be able to get it out by the 12th. :)

  2. I'm not a member, but November 2 was less than 5 weeks ago, just over ONE month, not two - unless I slept through the holdays and my kids' birthdays (I wish!)...

  3. well,it is not really true we cannot gor stitching things in italy,since I usually bought in usa.I think it is not right promise to send our little gift and then disappeared or do not remember to post it.
    Nita i read someone has not get her needlebook or humbug yet so if you need an angel to send one please tell it to me and i will be happy to replace it.

  4. Ho Nita,
    I agree totally. It's such fun to look out for the postman and find a nice package from loving friends on your doormat. But when you are wainting and waiting and waiting nothing is more disturbing to find out that it is not going to happen.
    If you need another angel, please count me in, I will gladly stitch also