04 December 2009

My humbug is here :D

My gorgeous humbug from Mare has arrived. She made a snowman one which is just so me as I love snowmen (not logical when I hate cold lol). Mare also included some pins that she made. They are much more delicate than they look in the pic and are just beautiful. I am so envious of her talent to make these. Thank you so much for my exchange parcel, Mare.


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  1. I am so glad you like your humbug. I really wanted to deliver it in person but unfortunately I can't. So now a small part of me is there in Scotland with you. That is cool, isn't it. My DH really wanted to take one of those "scotch tours". An English friend of mine picked up a bottle of single malt for him back in 2000 which he still has. He has been savoring it all this time. There must me 1/4 of it still left. I am not sure what made me think of that. It would be the glorious glens and lochs that would capture my attention. In the movies Scotland is such a feast for the eyes.