05 December 2009

Scissors Pocket or Case Exchange

Sign-ups are open for our next exchange - a Scissors Pocket or Case, which will be our first exchange of 2010!

You will be able to sign-up through 22 December 2009, and your partner’s info will be emailed to you by 2 January 2010. Deadline to mail out your Scissor Pocket or Case is 2 February 2010.

Please take a moment to review the exchange guidelines (link at top right of the sidebar).

Some things that are worth repeating from our Guidelines:

Remember that we are an international group, and make your plans accordingly.


Each exchange will have a particular finish, such as: scissor fob, scissor case, needle case, pinkeep, biscornu, pincushion, floss tag, etc, or a particular theme. There are enough finishing variations in each of these categories to accommodate every ones finishing abilities, from novice to expert. Please keep in mind, you may be partnered with someone with more or less stitching and finishing ability than yourself, but as long as everyone does their best and sends out a piece that they would be happy to receive themselves, everyone should enjoy both the giving and the receiving!

Each project must be completely finished and ready to use.

Please use linen or evenweave fabric (your choice of color) rather than Aida. I love stitching on Aida as much as I do linen but it is harder to finish it smoothly in small projects like these. If you absolutely can't stitch on linen or evenweave for some reason, please let me know - I will confirm with your exchange partner that they will not mind receiving a piece stitched on Aida.

You have free choice of fibers used - specialty threads, metallics, silks, over-dyes, cotton floss, etc., etc.

Additional embellishments are allowed - buttons, beads, charms, ribbons, etc."

If you know of a good tutorial for a scissor pocket or case - won't you share? I haven't had a lot of opportunities to look lately.

Let's all have fun with this one!


  1. Hello
    I want to join this exchange

    greetings anita

  2. wow
    finally another lady joining the exchange
    i look forward to know the name of my partner

  3. Hello All

    I also want to join you in this exchange.

    Greetings Monique

  4. Hi everyone!
    Unfortunatelly I've missed the Humbug exchange, but I would like to take part of this one.

  5. Hi Nita, I really want to join this exchange if there is room for me.

  6. Count me in Nita, I missed the Hum Bug Exchange.

  7. Ok..Please count me in on the scissor pocket exchange! I wasn't able to join in on the humbug exchange because of timing...still tears here :(
    Lynn s. in Mn.

  8. Hello everyone,

    I already semt Nita a private message that I want to join this exchange. So I'm in as well.
    Fun to start a new creative year.