07 November 2011

Just Too Long

I think it has taken just too long now for my ornament to reach its destination, maybe it's got lost, maybe it's been 'acquired'.  Either way I think I might start a new one this afternoon and just hope that while I'm sewing the other one will turn up somewhere.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, that's my thoughts on mine to you. It's taken far too long for my liking. It was in quite a big box but that shouldn't make any difference I wouldn't have thought. Nothing surprises me with Royal Mail any more. Luckily I got a proof of posting so I can at least claim back the postage from them - so annoying though. Miche'le, I know you have seen the one I sent you on my blog. Was that to your taste or would you like something different? Your choice and no offence will be taken either way!