09 November 2011


My friends take the package for me at the post office.
Post man wrote the wrong name,the wrong date...on the advice
and then I discovery it was stopped by the customs!!!!!

In the next exchange perhaps it is better written on the envelope it is a gift with no value.Mine was stopped nearly 2 weeks at customs

I will put a photo as soon as possible
It is fantastic


  1. I have never had that problem before and I've posted all over the world. at least it got there so now I can relax, I hope you like it Amanda.

  2. Fantastic that it's arrived so just mine now then for Miche'le! I can only hope that mine is held up at customs too.

  3. Ooooo, I'm getting excited now 'Shebafudge' knowing that I should be getting a package soon. Can't wait, I love suprises.

  4. hope it will arrive soon and hope it will arrive mine to Vivian too.
    she wrote it has to be remailed to florida so we need to wait a bit more