22 August 2010

Pumpkin Theme Exchange Sign Up (additional exchange)

Yes we will be running 2 exchange signups at the same time!  Sign-ups are open now, and will be closed 22 August 2010.  For this exchange only: post a comment here if you want to participate.  Yes you can join both if you like, as long as you can meet your obligations in both.  

You choose the type of finish, we only ask that your stitched piece include a pumpkin in the design.  All the standard rules apply, no aida, your item must be finished, and extras are not necessary.  Let your stitched piece be the treat that your partner gets, tricks will only bring you trouble.  When you leave your comment, please state whether you are ok with a Halloween themed pumpkin design, a fall design, or either.  Some people do not celebrate this holiday and would prefer a fall/ Autumn design.  This way when partners are assigned everyone will be happy and have fun.

The mailing date is October 15th.  If you are making something with a Halloween theme you should try to mail a little earlier so your partner gets the item in time for Halloween.  Your pumpkin theme item need not be a pin keep but it could be.  Make sure you send something that you would enjoy having someone send to you. 


  1. ok I am a sucker for punishment, I'm in this one too...
    haven't done too many pumpkin theme stitching but I really love some of the designs out there these past few years
    thanks a bunch for giving us this opportunity to share our passion with others.

  2. Yippee......I was hoping this exchange would happen. Please count me in on this exchange. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays so I'd love either a Halloween or Fall themed piece.

  3. I would love to participate in this exchange. Please sign me up. Hugs Ronel

  4. I would like to participate in the pumpkin exchange. I would like a pumpkin that is not Halloween or Fallish. One that I could use year round. I am redecorating my kitchen and I would like to incorporate pumpkins. Thanks!

  5. Hi Nita,

    And of course I also want to participate in this exchange. Allthough Halloween is not a big celebrationday up here, you see more and more decorated stores and houses.
    Please sign me in as well for this exchange. Love to create something again.

    Hugs from Liz

  6. I would like to participate in the pumpkin exchange. I would like a pumpkin that is a fall design better than Halloween, but if it is no possible, halloween will be okay
    best wishes

  7. I have sent an email to sign up for this exchange...I am fine with either a halloween or autumn themed designed.

  8. I'd love to join this exchange. Any theme is fine with me.

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  10. I would like to be included in this exchange. Not particular about which theme to receive any Thanks!
    Lynn S. in Mn

  11. Love pumpkins and fall designs. Please enter my name.

  12. You know I posted about doing this and forgot to add my name to the list.... I want to join too!