22 August 2010

Pinkeep Exchange - Sign Up Now

Hi Everyone.  My deepest apologies for falling out touch so abruptly - my personal life got very ... distracting.

The next exchange is for a Pinkeep - I haven't made one of these, so I don't have a picture to share.  You can see some gorgeous ones here or there.

Sign-ups are open now, and will be closed 22 August 2010.  For this exchange only: post a comment here if you want to participate. (When I just checked my email, I have over 1000 unread messages - I don't want you to get lost as I deal with that!).

Final mail-out date will be 1 October 2010.

Remember - for the Pinkeep Exchange Only - Comment on this post if you would like to participate.  Please do not email me.

I will not be participating in this exchange - I'm going to be working to get the send and receive lists up to date, and trying to make sure that all items from the past two exchanges were received.
PS - we'll try to do a mail art exchange after the first of the year - OK?


  1. Hi Nita,
    Glad to see you again and I hope life is going better now for you.

    Hugs from Liz

  2. You can count me in on the exchange....I am guessing that the theme will be pumpkins as was discussed on August 7th?

  3. Hi Nita, I'm so glad to see you posting again. I hope everything is ok for you :)

    I would love to enter this exchange. Thanks for your continued dedication!

  4. I want to be in on this exchange also. Look forward to it. Laurie in NZ

  5. I would like to participate in this exchange, but I am not very keen on pumpkins...

  6. It´s my first exchange and i never made one of this, but I will try, please count with mw..
    Patricia Domingos

  7. I would like to join this exchange please.

    I think the pumpkin theme was another exchange that Mare was trying to get going. But I'm ok with any theme..........if there is one.

    Everyone have a great day!

  8. take me in too,please.About me I like cat so...but everything is fine

  9. I would like to join this exchange, please! (Do the pumpkins have to be, you know, orange???

  10. Hi Nita - great to have you back - we've missed you!! I would love to join in this exchange and thankyou for organising it!
    Fiona in Australia x

  11. Count Me in on the Exchange - I do prefer Fall patterns, I like pumpkins if they don't have faces. (I don't like spooky things - just lovely things :)

    Could you clarify - Is the pumpkin exchange the same as the pinkeep exchange - If there are two separate groups I will join both :)

  12. Hi there
    Count me in the pinkeep exchange.
    seeing that there are two exchanges, I am guessing that the pinkeep doesn't have to be pumpkin.... anything nice.

  13. I would love to participate in this exchange. Please sign me up. Hugs Ronel

  14. Hi Nita,

    Yes please sign me in for the pinkeep exchange.
    I will start stitching immediately. Glad to see your picking up this part of your life also. Just as long as you take care of yourself.

    My data are still the same.

    Thank you, hugs Liz

  15. I'd like to sign for the pinkeep exchange
    any theme or it is free topic???

  16. I LOVE those pinkeeps! Please include me in this exchange as well! Thanks!

    Lynn S. in Mn

  17. Pinkeeps are my favorite. Please include me here too.