07 August 2010

All is quiet and hot hot hot here, Any ideas on the next exchange?

Hi there ladies,

Anyone interested in doing something for fall?  How about doing a pumpkin themed exchange? You can pick the kind of finish you like doing but the design needs to have at least one pumpkin.  I have come to realize I like stitching designs with pumpkins.  And I have a bunch of fall designs with pumpkins, hint.  But maybe something with apples or leaves?  Maybe we could do a poll to see which theme most people are interested in exchanging.   Just throwing some ideas out there.    Also since I have my hot hands on the new JS magazine I have ornaments exchanges in mind too.

It might be nice if those you had things outstanding on the previous exchange post an update to making it easier to wrap things up with it.

Just my 2 cents...


  1. I'm up for a pumpkin themed exchange! Would love to hear from Nita though even if it's just to say she's taking a break....? Thanks for stirring us up, Mare, hot here too!

  2. Me too! I would do a pumpking themed exchange.

  3. I've sent an email requesting to join this group. I would love to participate in a pumpkin theme exchange. I too love pumpkins and have noticed lots of my patterns have them in the design. I hope to hear back soon, this exchange idea sounds fun!

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  5. Sorry for my delete...meant to edit....

    I think a pumpkin themed exchange would be lovely! I'm looking forward to rejoining the exchanges!

  6. i too have been admiring pumpkins lately and count me in for this exchange.
    of course ornaments are one of my favorites so looking forward to that also...

  7. I'm in, too. I love the idea of choosing the finish myself. I hope we'll be able to organize this exchange.

  8. Hi everyone,
    I've sent a couple of emails over the last couple of weeks to join this exchange group. I haven't heard back so I'm not sure if the emails are reaching the person intended. The email is sending to jcbsleep@yahoo when I click on the link. I know everyone is busy but I would really like to participate in the "pumpkin" exchange. Thanks for any help you all can provide. I PROMISE to be a good exchange partner if you let me in :-)

  9. Hi Nan, Hold tight for a little while. Since Nita, this groups owner seems to be busy with personal matters. Yes, you are emailing the right person. Nita just is not available at the current time. If Nita doesn't get back to us to let someone else share admin. rights we can just start another exchange group. TTE3 or I could try to contact Sharon and resurrect the first TTE for a new exchange. I would be willing to set it up but I believe admin. rights should be shared so we do not end up with the same thing happening a 3rd time. If we go that route, I would need someone else to step up and lend a hand. It would be nice if it was also someone else who has been involved in a few stitching groups for a while so we could share duties. But let us not jump ahead, Nita has done a wonderful job.