19 September 2009

The Votes are In!

You may have noticed the poll is closed and all the votes are in.

Uh-oh! We had a tie for sixth place!

Needleminder 9 (24%)
Humbug 9 (24%)
Flat Fold 9 (24%)

What to do, what to do?

Well, dear friends, here's what I decided to do: I squoze in one more exchange for 2009! And then I went ahead and added the last exchange to 2010. That means we have the next eight exchanges planned! Hip-hip-Hurray!

So with no further ado - here's the schedule for the rest of 2009 and for all of 2010:

You can always find the schedule under the Exchange Guidelines and New Member Info link in the upper right corner.

BTW, there are still a few more days to sign up for the Needle Book Exchange.

Happy Planning and Stitching!


  1. Thank you, Nita, for all your hard work!

  2. Great work, Nita! I have a question - what is a Humbug? Will there be links to finishing tutorials for these (more than one site, if possible)? :)

  3. Hello Nita

    what a great job you have done on the schedule
    i really like it and i hope i will do arre the exchanges.

    Greetings Monique

  4. A humbug is also called a Berlingot. They are simple to make, and can be used as a scissors fob, an ornament or a pincushion (remind you of a biscornu?).
    Here are a few links for you:

    and I love how this one is made to look like a chicken
    and a pdf with step by step photos (in French, bui I think you will get the idea):

  5. Thank you, Nita~~~ The schedule really helps me to plan ahead~~~

  6. Thanks so much for doing this Nita. The line up looks terrific.

  7. You are a joy! Thanks for all your hard work.....Sharon