04 September 2009

The Needle Book Has It!

Sign-ups are now open for our next exchange – a Needle Book. We have so many talented people in this group – I can’t wait to see what everyone stitches for this exchange. You will be able to sign-up through 22 September 2009, and your partner’s info will be emailed to you by 1 October 2009. Deadline to mail out is 2 November 2009.
Please take a moment to review the exchange guidelines (link at top right of the sidebar). Remember that we are an international group, and make your plans accordingly.

To Sign up for the Needle Book Exchange, please e-mail me by 22 September 2009 with Needle Book in the subject line, and include your Name and Address (I have most, but not all of your addresses).

Take a look at the poll over to the right. You may vote for multiple items {please only vote for six (6) items}. If you choose something else, make a post about what you would like to stitch and why – we’ll include it in a future poll!


  1. I'll be e-mailing you, Nita! And I was first to vote in the poll! Yay! I've been wanting to do a needlebook for a long time - so excited!

  2. How wonderful~~ A new exchange~~~~

  3. wow
    the adventure go on
    finally a new exchange
    so exited