02 September 2009

Proposed Exchange Schedule

I was thinking (always a dangerous pastime- lol!) that we might benefit if we had regularly scheduled exchanges, announced in advance, and posted for all to see. So I devised this little schedule. It provides for six exchanges a year, a two-week period to sign up, a month to stitch, finish and mail, and three weeks before the next exchange sign up ends.

I also thought that, after we get the next exchange underway (you did remember to vote here (sorry, I cannot seem to make the link work!), right?), I would post a poll over on the right and let everyone vote for the items they would like to stitch in the coming year.

As always, you would only sign up for the exchanges you want to, but hopefully, having a posted schedule would let youand let you sign up for the things you really want to do.

Here’s a list of some ideas, with links to pictures for most (thank-you The World’s Largest Collection of Smalls and TWLCOS Too!)

Fall Theme
Flat Fold
Floss Ring Tag * TTE
Post card (this example is not cross stitch, but fun!)
Scissor Fob * TTE
Scissor Pocket
Spring Theme
Stitcher's Pocket
Summer Theme
Thimble Pocket or Pouch
Valentine Theme (Stitcher's Choice)
What Not Basket
Winter Theme

So, What do you think? Would you like to have a schedule - or would you prefer to wing it? I’d love to hear if you have some other ideas of items to stitch – and if you would also include a link to an example, that would be fantastic!

BTW, the pics of stitched items are all examples of my work, from exchanges I participated in elsewhere (just in case you were wondering !)


  1. Hi there, love the idea of a planned schedule. Your stitching is lovely. Regards Ronel

  2. Hear, hear! I was just thinking about it this morning and hoping I hadn't missed the fun!

  3. Yes i will join the schedule.
    When can we start.

    greetings Monique

  4. "Something there is that does not love a schedule" to quote Robert Frost! Thanks so much.....I would like to to consider a yearly sign up as well as a by project sign up....I just like to get everything in order early! Thanks so much for your vigilence here! It is appreciated!

  5. I think a schedule of some sort would be a fantastic idea! That way we can plan ahead for those exchanges we would like to do.

  6. Great idea to have a schedule for the year. Will that have what each type of exchange will be too? That would be a great help in planning for the year. You're doing a fab job with organising us all. Thank you!!