19 April 2012


Hi ladies,
the scissor fob exchange is finished and all of us have received hers

Do you want have a new exchange?


  1. I'm afraid I'll have to sit the next one out....I have a Christmas gift that I need to get cracking on.

  2. and what about a game,perhaps?
    a sort of running?
    we post a post a photo of the pattern we want to stitch and we choose a week end
    than at the end we count the stitch and the winner will receive a little embroidery
    if it is ok I will do it for the winner

  3. I like the idea of a game. That sounds fun. I don't mind putting in something for the prize too. I'm a bit busy for an exchange at the moment otherwise I would love to.

  4. A game sounds great! I'll look around and see if there is anything around here that I can donate for the prize.

  5. it could be a thread or a needle too.
    if you want we can organize it and the pattern could be the one we have to do for a x'mas gift for example,or an ufo waiting for us

  6. A game sounds great, we could all send something small to the winner. Something that could fit in a letter envelope, that way cost for posting would be minimal.
    Amanda did you get my package with the scissor fob?