03 January 2012

Somethings are just the best when late

Christmas  and a  lovely parcel arrived from Sharon (Shebafudge) for me.  Poor Sharon, the first exchange didn't arrive so I hope where ever it has ended up the people are very happy with it, and so this lovely lady made another for me Tthis one arrived just in time for Christmas Day and it is just gorgeous, I particularly love the fabric Sharon used, it has all glittery bits through it.  Thank you so much Sharon - for the first which went missing and especially for the second which you were under no obligation to do but it is greatly appreciated.

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  1. I'm so pleased you like it. He is a little cutie and my daughter really didn't want me to send it so I expect I will have to stitch another for her. I don't know what the fabric was - just a random piece from my stash. It is a really gorgeous colour though. I'm sorry it was late and stitching another was no hardship. I would hate to think you had nothing in an exchange.

    Maybe the other one is stuck on a boat somewhere and will arrive round about July!

    Thank you for being patient with me! Thank you Amanda for arranging this exchange for us.