18 December 2011

new poll

Hi ladies,Christmas is near and it is nearly time to choose a subject for the next exchange.
So a new poll is due to decide.
What would you like to stitch?
write,write ,write and I will prepare the poll


  1. Hi ladies. I don't mind what we exchange next - I just want something to arrive!!
    Biscornu? Scissor fob? needle book/case? Pinkeep? Cube finish? Flatfold?
    That's all I can think of at the moment.
    Thank you for arranging another exchange.

  2. ok so i will start to write but we can always put other things

  3. I'm up for another but feel sad for Shebafudge as my ornie still hasn't arrived :( I'm kind of newish at Xstitch so some thing like a needle book would be right up my alley. some of the other stuff I don't know how to make - sorry.

  4. Ah Michele, I'm really hoping the second one arrives although I suspect now that it is likely to be after Christmas. I'm so annoyed at the first one not arriving though. I had read in your profile that you liked historical books. We have a book seller who comes to our work who was selling a set of books that I had read a while back and I picked up for you. So it's not only your ornie missing but books as well! Grrrr!

  5. Oh Sharon, darn I hope your first one arrives and even more so because of the added extra. Have a wonderful Xmas ladies xx