05 August 2011

sorry for the silence but it was impossible for me keep in touch using the web

I had some problems with adsl
I correct the list but it is still strange for me having 12 votes and only a few of you writing for exanges

still I'd like to know if you want going on on this blog or if you prefer create a new one

have a nice day


  1. Oh dear, that's a hard one as so many people know of TTE. It would help so much if Nita would comment, if only to let us know if she is coming back or not then we could make fresh decisions and really move forward.
    Mmmm, what a quandry.

  2. Well if we go for a new blog then obviously only the people who want to participate will move. It is possible that many people are not visiting because nothing is happening but would like to be involved if the group was active again.

    I suppose then there is the work involved in getting a new blog set up and running properly.

    Sorry not much help but I am happy with whatever the majority think. I suppose a new blog is easier in some ways.

  3. I think the same me too and we can let a message here to advice.
    Surely knowing Nita's decision and if it was happened something to her it will be better.
    But there are 6 days to finish the poll and then we can decide listening the majority