31 August 2011

happy starting stitching

Hi everyone
are you still cross stitching?
Have you already put your first cross?
I have done and hope it will be ok for my partner

How about put a photo of the ornament before sending it?
we can put it but not the name
I think it is a good way to be sure it was done and it will be mailed

and then it is also the best way to satisfay a curious person like me...
let me know about it
have a nice day


  1. Hi Amanda, I have made a start on my ornie and am waiting on some backing fabric to be delivered to finish it with.

    I am happy to post a photo of my ornie when it is finished if everyone would prefer to do that. As you say no one will know who it is for until it gets there!

  2. I started mine me too yesterday but still not sure about how to finish it
    I think I will put a photo of but not the name of the girl I will mailed it to