18 July 2011


Hi to everyone,I have a look every day just to know about news from Nita.
Till now we haven't any.Her blog had a stop months ago,some of us wrote her e mails but till now any news.
If some of you would like to go with our exchange I can try to organize them for you till when Nita will be back.
Probably my english is not the best but I am on line every day.
Let me know what you want to do and remember tha it is only till when Nita will be back,it is her blog and I am only a helper


  1. Hi Amanda, thank you and congratulations for stepping up and filling the space for Nita until her return. I don't know what the exchange is but am sure that I would like to be involved. I am here to support and see this continue.
    hugs - Miche'le

  2. ok if anyone would like to have a little exchange we can organize a new one.
    perhaps we can decide toghether what to do

  3. Yes, you can count me in as well I have been logging on and like you I see no news and began to wonder where is every one.

    hugs Laurie