25 July 2011

new exchange

Well some of you answeared to my posts and would like to go with a new exchange.I can organize some till when Nita will be back.I thougt about a holiday exchange since it is holidays time in some parts of the world.

what do you thing about sending a postcard where you spend your holidays or simply a day trip or your town and embroidery one too with a cross stichstamp and address...

Let me know about it and if you prefer making something else too


  1. I'm a little confused with your discription honey. Maybe an illustration would help.
    hugs and thanks

  2. I have piles of these cards and find them neither having no use or as orament, a lot are of poor quality and funny strange pictures or ideas... more like handy craft than stitching etc. I would rather do a stitching item that can be displayed or used myself. A pincushion on a theme, needle case or scissor keeper along these lines would be my choice.

    Thanks for your work on this
    Hugs Laurie