08 July 2010

Pin Cushion Exchange

Hi Ladies,

With all the questions going around, I have made a quick summary of who received and who did not from all the posts on the blog. I do apologise in advance if there was a post that I missed.

24 Of us participated in the pin cushion exchange.
22 Ladies have indicated that they did send their exchanges.
18 Ladies have received their pin cushions.

Amanda, April, Gaby, Jenna, Anita and Ronel have not posted that they have received their pin cushions:-
Gaby has sent 3 June to Amanda
Ronel has set 7 June to Jenna
Aury send ?? date to Ronel (Sorry Aury but I have not received anything yet)

Amanda and Jenna, please indicate if you have received your pin cushion.

Can the Ladies that was suppose to send to April, Gaby and Anita please indicate who they are and when they send their pin cushions.

I hope this helps. Please reply by leaving a comment on this post.

Regards Ronel


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  2. Hello Ronel

    lizrieka didn't revieved her pincusion either

    Greetings Anita

  3. Hello Anita, thanks for your post. Please mail me private at rwebb@cae.co.za I could not find your email address on your profile.

    Regards Ronel
    Cape Town, South Africa

  4. Ronel,
    I'm sorry to read that your pincushion never arrived, I resent it immediately after you sent me your address, if by next Monday you have not received anything yet, I'll be stitching a new one and will send it by the end of next week


  5. Hello

    I have send mine too Gaby and i hope she has recieved it i have not heard from her.
    Greetings Monique

  6. Has anyone heard from Nita? I do hope she is OK. And I hope all those wayward packages arrive soon!!

  7. Hi Fiona, I have mailed Nita but had no reply from her yet. Rgs Ronel