01 July 2010

I have my new lovely pincusion!

Yesterday I received a perfect gift from Fiona all the way from Australia. She's made a beautiful blackwork pincushion, which I totally adore! She also included goodies: a cute tape measure and an eco-bag. Let's not forget the postcards (the one with kangaroos is sooo precious) and a lovely letter. I'm really glad this exchange had a happy ending for me. Thank you sooo much Fiona!


  1. Whew, I bet Fiona is breathing a huge sigh of relief. Her beautiful pincushion must have made its way to you via the moon.

  2. I am so pleased it finally arrived! Thanks for posting about receiving it! And I'm glad you liked the extras! I had about 12 kangaroos in my back garden this morning when I woke up and looked out the window! x

  3. It´s more than beautiful...love finished blackwork but don´t love to make it...


  4. This one is really nice. I really like blackwork in white and black. You've made a wonderful pincushion Fiona.

    Hugs from Liz