06 January 2010

Received Humbug

Hello All

First a happy new year to all.

I have had some trouble with my pc but now every thing is ok.
I did not let me post and we i was on it the pc went out.
Well before x-mas i have received a beautifull humbug from Myra.
It was very nice.
I will try posting a photo later ok.

Greetings Monique


  1. I am so happy to know it arrived safely. I was worried. :o) If you are unable to post a photo, I can post the one I took. Sorry to hear about your computer problems.

  2. Hello Myra

    i you will please put the photo on for me that is oke.
    I really like it alot and it was hanging in my tree for christmas.
    Thanks again.

    greetings Monique