19 October 2009

Safe places :(

My needlebook was supposed to have the finishing done on it this morning and be in the mail this afternoon. I finished the stitching a few weeks ago before we went away and put it away to have the finishing done when we got back. It's either in a very safe place or the gremlins have been here!!! So, I'm about to start another one. The good thing is that after working tonight and tomorrow night I have some time off so it will be in the mail on time.


1 comment:

  1. Oh my!
    Lynne, I feel for you. I haven't misplaced a project, but a few years ago my darling furbabies came in with wet muddy feet (RED Alabama mud) and jumped all over an exchange piece I was working on.
    You do know the needlebook will turn up directly you post a new one, right?