25 October 2009

FLOSS TAG Exchange

Hello....It's me again!

Just wanted to post the floss tag I received from Melissa M. in one of our last exchanges. I wasn't sure if I should post it here or in the other group site but will do it here.
Melissa was late in getting her floss tag done and to me and I totally understood why. I HOPE you are doing MUCH better Melissa! Take care of yourself first! That's the most important thing! She sent on a large package of needlework goodies PLUS a nice container of cookies she said were a recipe of her grandmothers as well. They were very good I guess as they soon disappeared around here! Ha!

Well then because we thought Melissa was missing in action and didn't know for sure what was going on...I was also "angeled" by Nicole. She sent along a floss tag to me as well. I received her floss tag package a couple days after I received Mellissa's but Nicole felt she would send hers along to me for being so patient.

Again I'll say that things happen in life (I know more than anyone how true that is in these last few months) Nicole was more than generous too and sent a very cute little tag as well as other goodies. I'll remember the nice gift and am willing to angel for anyone who needs one.

THANK YOU to both Melissa and Nicole!I appreciate the time and effort put in by both of you!

Lynn S. in Mn

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