25 July 2013

Monique....Thank you!!!!

What a surprise!   The other day I received a lovely little gift in my mailbox from Monique!  She stitched a gorgeous scissor case for me!    A lovely little Delft Blue Windmill!  The wooden buttons arrived a bit broken, but a little super glue fixed them up right as rain!   Isn't this lovely?

How you knew I love Delft I'll never know!  And the design matches an Antique Delft Tea set that I have perfectly!

I feel a little guilty though for not stitching an extra scissor case and sending it to you. 

Once again......Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this lovely gift!

1 comment:

  1. Hello melissa
    glad to hear that the case has arrived safe sorry for the buttons but they look oke now.
    Well the them was because i like the colour blue and want to make something from my country for you i'm happy thay you like it to.
    Greetings Monique