09 June 2010

where is my pincushion?

hi everyone,really fantastic works,compliments to all the stitchers!
Just a few words since this time my little thing has not so many km to do but afternearly 3 weeks it is not arrived yet...
wonderful day to everyone


  1. Hi Amanda, I too am getting worried about mine that I sent 3 weeks or more ago. Mine has to go to the States and I know that something that was sent to me on the same day from the US arrived 2 weeks ago so why hasn't mine arrived in the same time? The postal service world wide is very fickle.
    Fingers crossed for both of us all will be fine.

  2. mine had to go to netherlands,quite near..
    Usually I receveive mails in 2 weeks from states...

  3. I received mine from Vivian in Canada...to New Zealand ...posted 28/5 and received 9/6 ... so 12 days that is not bad. But I have posted packages to USA before and it has taken 3 weeks plus.. so there is still hope.

  4. I am also waiting, both to get and about a message from my partner...