19 March 2010

My Altoid Tin Arrived!

Thank you to Anita from the Netherlands for this beautiful tin! I think I'm the first to receive in this exchange!!

Where Stitchers Meet - I love the holographic heart and the delicate little scissors!

The side - she used 2 different colors of ribbon, and you can see the 3D butterfly and gold rope trim

The inside - this fabric is so soft.

This little treasure has already found it's way to my cutting/finishing table. I'm going to put some pins in it right away - the other day I discovered that one of my plastic pin boxes fell off the table and scattered pins everywhere - so this will be a perfect new home for them! Plus, I haven't finished mine yet, so it will serve as inspiration for the next few days!

Thank you again, Anita!


  1. Hello Andrea

    I am glad that you like the altoid tin
    i realy made it with love for you '

    greetings anita