05 February 2010

Altoid Tin Exchange Sign-ups Open

Sign-ups are now open for the Altoid Tin Exchange.
Some important notes about this exchange:
You do not have to use an "Altoid" tin - any similar size tin will work.  How big is a standard Altoid Tin?  By my measurements:
3-13/16" (9.68 cm) long
2-7/16" (6.19 cm) wide
3/4" (1.91 cm) deep
Please do not use a "mini" tin (they are so cute. but really tiny!)
Other shapes can be used (I've got some round tins and even a couple of heart shaped tins), as long as they are a similar size.
Your decorated tin must include cross stitch (silly, I know, to have to state that - but we are primarily a cross-stitch group - not a clay or paint or paper-craft group).

Sign-ups open today and run through 22 February 2010.  Partners will be emailed by 1 March 2010, and the final mail-out date is 1 April 2010.  To sign up, please email me.  Put TTE Altoid Tin in the subject line, and include your name and address (so I can verify that I have the correct address).

Neat inspirations can be found here, here or here (Tokens and Trifles Rectangles are almost perfectly sized for Tin Toppers!).  I've listed a couple of tutorials all the way at the bottom of the blog (under Finishing Links).

Let's have fun with this one!

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