30 August 2009

Thank-you Eileen!

One of the justifiable concerns we all have is that this group always have a contact person. I'm happy to announce that Eileen has agreed to help me run this group. I have shared all the info I have with her, and she has administrative privileges for this blog.

I'll leave it to Eileen if she wants to write anything about herself.

Our Contact Info:

Nita - jcbsleep at yahoo dot com

Eileen - meat at theeyrie dot fsnet dot co dot uk

And now, a question:

I would like to have at least one more person as a point of contact for this group. Anyone interested?


  1. i am not sure to be the right one also because my english is really elementary,as you can see

    but if you do not find anyone perhaps i can try

  2. if you need help you can count on me

    my mail is najmapyar at gmail dot com

    my blog is http://laboresnajma.blogspot.com

  3. Thank you Eileen! {{hugs}} Ronel

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